2018/19 League Cup


For example, you can’t say it is impossible to finish in the top 4, when we are just 3 points behind Chelsea.


It’s not impossible it’s just highly unlikely when you are as bad as we’re away from home and defend us poorly as us. I’d say we’ve a 20 % chance of 4th place.


Lol. Show your workings sir :slight_smile:


Feel sorry for Burton today. They are getting a proper spank.


Their manager agrees

“It’s almost a bye to the final for City. I don’t think we can go into it thinking we’ve got a fighting chance of winning it.”

That’s the attitude



He’s just going on form. No reason not to anticipate another 4 or 5 goals for Citeh in this first leg, then the second leg may well be one of those pride-restoring exercises where it ends 1-1 or something


He has been humble and not cocky. Nothing wrong with it :bellend:



Well that took long :smile:

I think they’ll score 5 and then just pass it around for the rest of the game


City already up with de Bruyne. Gonna be a long night for Burton.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Almost 1-1! What a chance! They are not gonna have it again.
Disallowed goal for Mahrez.
Burton are doingwell, with some nice play upfront.
2-0 Gabriel Jesus


Do you want spurs to win this? :bellerin:


Bloody Falkirk. Just saying :bellend:



Game over (never on, tbh). 3-0 Jesus.

GOLAZO! 4-0! :arteta:


Nice to see Luca talking Scottish Football for a change :ramsey:


For me all the scottish are from that city :bellend:


4-0 City at HT. Just toying with Burton.


8-0 and there’s still 20 minutes to play


5-0 Gabriel Jesus. Hattrick for him.

6-0 Foden

7-0 Jesus. It’s the 4th for him today.

8-0! :rofl:


Gonna go out on a limb and say I think Man City are going to reach the final…