2018/19 League Cup


Glad I stuck a score on a 2.5 then in the end, something to make the result bearable


No chance they are gonna win it. Stop being first a scouser than a Spurs :bellend:

Very boring game. Felt asleep on my sofa lol!




Sorry, just woke up so i am talking shit :bellend:. But you do like our rivals more than us though :mustafi:




Spurs made Chelsea look ordinary. Including Hazard.

But I bet our defence doesn’t.


@Aussiegooner, is that you? Go and bet against us like @JakeyBoy, then. Maybe you become rich and buy you a Lamborghini.




Maybe you wouldn’t go quite so apeshit when we fuck up if you made a little money.

Give it some thought my dude :cristo:


The only silver lining to Spurs actually finding a way to win this will be the laughter it’ll bring me when they treat it like the Champions League. You just know it’ll be hailed as the greatest Cup victory in the history of English football.


My team>money


Anything that stops you getting banned bro


I expected a narrow win for Spurs and that’s how it played out, if you’re good enough to take Hazard Chelsea will struggle.


Not without hope in the second leg but a lead is a lead. Could see in the second half the hurdle of this semi final weighing down on spuds.
At least away goals dont count double this year, so Chelsea can have that as a a cushion of sorts. Blunt up top though.
Would say though that Poch gave too much game time at Tranmere to some of his players. A couple looked drained towards the end.


So if Chelsea win 2-1 it’s a penalty shootout ? That does increase Chelsea’s chances of progression somewhat significantly.


Think that lad spuds have in goal is a decent keeper tbf.


I clown on Aussie cos it gets me likes but really he’s right about everything tbh



Yeah I don’t have my opinions to get likes really, as they say the truth hurts, so I understand it’s not well received on an Arsenal forum.


But also I somehow knew the FA were going to botch VAR, to help their favoured clubs like Spurs. Kane’s penalty, what a disgrace.


Lol what. Clear penalty c’mon elec