2018/19 League Cup


See what I don’t get about VAR is, Kepa wipes out Kane thinking, in the back of his mind “this is offside anyway. I can do what I like”

Surely whatever happens after the incorrect call is inconsequential? The best way is to give a free kick to Spurs from where Kane was incorrectly deemed offside


Changed last year. The rule is, if you make a sincere attempt for the ball, it’s a yellow, not a red


:joy: this typo made me chuckle more than it should have


Can you blame him though? If a keeper comes flying out like an imbecile at me and I knock the ball past him, I’d be looking for it also. It’s kinda foolish not to at that point.


No. Kepa is a fucking idiot if he thought that


The flag’s up, though :man_shrugging:


William hits the post. Finally a chance for Chelsea.


Doh :facepalm:

Though perhaps Kane is smart enough to plot penalty winning theories…


Lol true.

Although if it’s the same Kane who was asked to comment on Stalingrad (now Volograd) and the war museum there, only to reply “it’s full of history”, I doubt that


Is there a second leg still?




Chelsea hit the beans


1-0 Tottenham at HT. Toothless Chelsea creating jack shit, apart from William hitting the post.


Classic pelanties where you can’t argue with the awarding of it, but it 100% falls into the “winning” a pelanty camp.

He looked for it


Fantastic last-ditch tackle from Rudiger to prevent Alli from scoring.
Look at the french beard on the bench. He looks bored :bellend:
Really nice save from Arrizabalag.
Didn’t know Kantè had it in him.


Pains me to say it but we could learn tonnes from Sputs right now on how to manage a lead.

May this comment be the kiss of death :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:


Chelsea comfortably the better side at the moment


Yet they are barely creating chances.


Is Jorginho that good, btw?


Thank fuck City are still in this to stop spurs winning this :dizzy_face: