2018/19 League Cup


I’m a fan of whoever plays the scum


just the way you called him your man :slight_smile:




bit harsh


Just kidding :wink: . Klaim and Alli are two punchable faces though.


Nice bicycle kick from Klaim here.


Hudson Odoi is looking sharp


first time I properly watched him was on MOTD in the FA Cup the other day, looked deadly with his two assists. I like that he beats his man and just gets straight to the point


VAR deciding if Spurs get a penalty…


Penalty to Tottenumb FFS!


Good use by the ref to be fair, fucking shame though


Yep, it was foul. Criminal defending.


VAR scenes! Correct on both accounts.


I can only assume that Kane is only that good at penalties as he has german parents or something


Kane never misses penalty’s does he? So good at them


There’s just never any doubt that he will score. It was weird seeing an English penalty taker at a WC where you don’t doubt he’ll score haha


Chelsea are toothless. We should be able to beat them in 2 weeks and in the Europa League.


When was the rule changed so that the goalkeeper isn’t considered to be the last man back and subsequently sent off? I remember that rule fucked us over in a CL game vs Bayern a few years ago


Chelsea missing Giroud a lot. They are shit without him tbh

@will24 been like that for a few seasons I think now


Not sure what to make of that to be honest. I mean, firstly – what the fuck was Kepa doing? And secondly – Kane went looking for that, the way he fell was so theoretical.