2018/19 League Cup


C’mon Chelsea #KTBFFH :no_mouth:


They are gonna bottle it as usual.


Losing to Chelsea or Manchester City doesn’t really constitute as bottling it when they’re richer and more successful clubs. Bottling it would be losing to a lesser team.


For me it’s only bottling it if they basically don’t turn up. If they lose to Chelsea while playing reasonably well then fair enough. If they get smashed 6-0 while scoring 3 own goals and tripping over their own feet then we can question them.


Have to win for me or there is a question mark over them. Think they will though and its not a nice feeling.


Arsenal would get called bottlers if we were Tottenham. You know it :wink:


But that’s because we’re a big club and the third most successful club in English football who also happen to have one of the highest revenues and wage bills in football. :slightly_smiling_face:


Come on Chelsea


Son still here?


I need Spurs to win for my bet


Nice. Jinx bet.


Think I read that he goes to the Asia cup after the Man United game at the weekend


Lucky cunts.


Not overly fussed who progresses from this tie, really can’t stand either team.


Pulisix not starting?


doesn’t join them until the summer, got loaned back


Hazard c’mon be the scum destroyer again my mannn :fire:


Scum are 2.5 to win this. Tasty


Confirmed that Calum is a Chelsea fan


At least you can’t bet against us for once. Thanks fucking god! :xhaka: