2018/19 League Cup




Fucking horrific penalties from Leicester. Whats with all the stuttering you twats?!

Knew Maddison would miss he just oozes Arrogance


Lord Farquaad won’t be stepping up to take one again in a hurry!


Are the Semi Finals 2 Legs still ? Or they abolished that along with the extra time ?


Still two legs which is fucking pointless. It’s not the CL :neutral_face:


I’m at least happy that they don’t play extra time anymore in these stages, it was always overkill to be playing that much football just to get through in this competition.


The Leicester netminder definitely wasn’t happy about that cheeky panenka from Raheem :eyes:


Any news on squad for tomorrow?


Saka trained with the first team today. Think it’s going to be a mixed team.


I’d love to see that kid do something in a derby to really announce himself. He looks so promising.


City to win it again against Tottenham. Another bottle job is on the cards for them.


It’s not bottling if you lose against a superior team though is it ? Unless you get absolutely embarrassed.


If its the pressure merchants its usually them bottling it


Ok, but how many of these situations have happened in the last years for Tottenham? We can start calling them bottlers.


I don’t know, personally I think with a wage bill of half the top 5 and 4 consecutive finishes in the top 3 it’s extremely harsh to label them bottlers.


I meant especially in the cups. They would lose another final/decisive game.


Spurs vs Chelsea 1st leg tonight, stealing @Luca_from_Italy thunder.


Tottenham to win and go through.


Yeah I slightly favour spurs to progress in this tie also.


Im dreading this as im seeing spuds win this tournament.