2018/19 League Cup


Who gives a fuck about West Ham, tbh. Glorified club.


Spurs are apparently complaining about our League Cup ticket prices. They want us to increase prices for the QF. Not the first time they’ve objected to being nice to fans.

Clearly they’re graduates of the Trion school of thought.

What are the rules on this? We had to bow to their demands last time, didn’t we? It should be a “our house, our rules, fuck off if you don’t like it” kinda thing.


Just tell them to fuck off. Wee club.


It’s like the price of any other item. If you don’t want to pay it, don’t buy it.


They want us to put prices UP! Because it’s a cup game and they get a share of the gate. Guess it all counts when you’ve just spend an unscheduled extra 250m quid.


We should make it 1 quid per ticket then, they need the cash more than us.


We could always ask them to host it… Ah forgot they don’t have a stadium :joy:


Play in MK Dons? :henry2:


Fuck 'em. Arsenal sets the prices at The Emirates. So, to expand on my previous post, if the spuddies don’t want to pay, whether it be higher or lower, they don’t have to buy. FOYS.


How can a visiting team have any say on ticket prices? Are there league rules in place about a certain price level?




Considering spurs have played their home games at two different grounds this season, although neither at their own ground, they have got the cheek to criticise us for being fair to both sets of supporters.

They should consider themselves fortunate that they haven’t been fined for not having their new stadium ready when it should have been.

Let’s see how much they charge for League Cup games after Pochettino, Kane and Eroksen have left and they’re trying to fill a 60k stadium.
Peanuts probably.


Just put the price of their allocation up.


Perhaps they can pass round a hat in the spurs end or have an official spurs busker, complete with harmonica and a dog on piece of string to collect money from their supporters as they walk into our ground.

They would easily collect enough to pay for a few loo rolls to go in their new toilet bowl stadium.


Make the Emirates full of Arsenal fans. Leave Spurs at home :smile:


We can’t, don’t forget they don’t have a home…………:cry:


I do love how their new stadium has totally fucked them up. Long may it continue :arteta:


Don’t see what’s wrong with their demands.
Don’t wanna pay, don’t go.

You go Spurs


Man City and Leicester penalty shootout coming up…

Come on Leicester


Some awful pens in this shootout.

Bloody hell.