2018/19 League Cup


And the manner of it. A high profile match and the intent would have been analysed hard


I was never concerned we’d be away from home, that simply doesn’t happen for us in domestic cup competitions.


Expect it did in January when Forrest knocked us out as defending champions at the first round haha


No need to be smart, we have been drawn at home 85 % of times in domestic cups in the last 5 years I reckon, it’s a remarkable run.


Wasn’t being. Was just saying the one time we were away we got knocked out :joy:


Though United away in the cup QF 2015 we didn’t get knocked out :syringe:




Imagine fighting someone because they doesn’t support the same team as you.


West Ham and Tottenham are arch rivals, even more than us and the Scums. They really hate each other.


Nah It’s quite a one sided rivalry is it not? West Ham hate them but Spurs fans think they are irrelevant and care more about us and Chelsea


Nah it isn’t one sided, not based on the general vibe I get and what spurs fans I know say. Spurs do hate West Ham, even if they hate us and Chelsea more.


Fair enough. Being from outside the UK i can only rely my thoughts on what i read.


Tbh mate, there might be some who hate West Ham more. If you were to talk to the hooligan elements you might find this to be true, given that they regularly (by modern English standards) have rucks with them, whereas we don’t have much of a hooligan element in comparison. The Inter City Firm (West Ham’s firm, named after the trains the hooligans used to get to away games) were one of the most notorious football firms back in the day, so they’d have been rucking with Spurs at every opportunity I’d say. But Chelsea’s firm, The Headhunters, are pretty notorious too and well respected (by cunts who respect this sort of thing) so the same probably goes for them too.

West Ham and Chelsea would say that their most hated side were Millwall though. Basically all four of those clubs seem to hate each other, with hooliganism being the common thread.

But the impression I have is that normal fans probably hate us and Chelsea more.

The bit of my post that I’m really certain of is that Spurs do hate West Ham and its not just a one way thing, so in a way, I’m agreeing with you.


City already tearing Fulham a new one. It’s gonna end like 5-0 to them.
Diaz deflected. 1-0 City.

Fulham should just retire, as City are too strong for them.
City up at HT.
Jesus has been disappointing for City. Not exactly a CF you’d like to have in your team.
Diaz again.

City are through.


I think what a lot of Arsenal fans really missed out on after Lasagna-gate was that West Ham would have been just as happy if we’d lost at home to Wigan on the last day as well. They’d have revelled in that almost just as much as they themselves cheered when beating Spurs.

I don’t really have much time for West Ham. I’m not entirely sure how a lot of Arsenal fans have them affectionately placed as their “second team”


Maybe just what ive witnessed their back in the day but I despise these east end pricks.


Yeah. Fuck them and their bubbles


As for a “second team”, I think I’d be a bit partial to Fulham (s’okay, you can get off the floor now). It’s just that I like their cosy little ground.


I suppose most Arsenal fans didn’t give the slightest shit what West Ham were thinking at that moment, when we pipped Spurs to fourth on the last match ever played at Highbury.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say West Ham are my second team, cos I can’t really have a second team who play in the same division as Arsenal, but I’m fond of them. I grew up a stones throw from their ground in East Ham so I think it’s only natural. Being nineties born I’ve never really cared about any animosity some Arsenal fans have towards them because of the behaviour of west Ham fans or whatever.


What cunt has no other agenda in his life that he has to throw beer & punches at someone already being escorted out of the stand.
Get a fucking life.