2018/19 League Cup


Fux ache Forest! :rage:


Better that a weaker team have gone through :wink:


Fair play to Burton, 16th in league one and through to the cup quarter finals.


Chelsea have allowed Mount and Tomori to play against them tonight. I think more clubs should do this to be honest, particularly in games like this when you should be beating the opposition regardless of which players they field. It’s a good experience for the players, another learning curve.


I think if you loan players out they should be able to start against you period.


Ok… so a Chelsea loanee just scored for Chelsea. Maybe they shouldn’t play against their parent club :see_no_evil:


Zola you diabolical!


Derby have scored 4 goals in 26 minutes. Unfortunately 2 of them have been for Chelsea.

Pretty good game. Have it on TV and Arsenal on laptop, but watching more of this one given that it’s a bit of a goalfest.


Chelsea have a remarkable stat of scoring 3 goals whilst only having 1 shot on target :dizzy_face:


Ah here are all the “super Frankie Lampard” chants :face_vomiting:


1-0 Chelsea

1-1 Derby

2-1 Chelsea

2-2 Derby

3-2 Chelsea

1-0 Spurs

2-0 Spurs

1-0 Middlesbrough. Great goal!

West Ham pull one back. Perez!

Llorente puts Spurs up by 2 goals again.

Tottenham, Chelsea and Middlesbrough are through.


When is the draw. I want the scum


Chelsea or spuds?


Your wish is my command

We’re at home thankfully so don’t have to play on the rugby pitch




Might beat us tho :henry2:


Easy. We are gonna beat them :kos2:


Love it





AHAHAH! Everyone taking the piss at them :rofl: