2018/19 League Cup


Does anybody know the last time we played on Halloween?


Yeah, someone posted it on Twitter earlier. 3 years ago. We beat Swansea 3-0 at the Liberty Stadium


Oh yeah remember that game now. Joel Campbell getting his first goal for us and I’m gonna say Koscielny and Giroud with the other two?


So the living dead are gonna wake up against us :smile:


Southampton up at HT against Everton.


Everton are out because Walcott is shit at penalties and Richalison tried to turn his penalty into a little show


Shame because Theo had equalized for Everton.


Everton are just useless, always seem to go out of the domestic cups relatively early.


That penalty is exactly like when you deliberately miss one while you’re waiting for FIFA to load.


Yeah but I’ll forever love Big Sam for buying Walcott :heart_eyes:


Standard Everton season coming up again. Mid table mediocrity assured again. Less headlines than last year because Sams gone.
This club has no modern day image and im afraid the current manager persona wont help that. Everton a club that have got a bit of investment but dont know how too use it.


I am full of rage atm. Want to destroy Blackpool 20-0 on wednesday.


All I really care about the Blackpool game is, anyone expected to start vs Liverpool simply doesn’t start this game.


I don’t believe you :wink:


Who cares. Useless wee teams who ruin our run FFS!


The League Cup 4th round starts today.


Hope we play a full blown reserve team.


Of course :wink:


Bournemouth up against Norwich, while Burton draw.

1-0 Bournemouth


Burton take the lead.

2-0 Burton

Nottingham pull one back, while first Norwich equalize, then Bournemouth take the lead again shortly after.

2-1 Nottingham

1-1 Norwich

2-1 Bournemouth

3-1 Burton!

3-2 Nottingham. Too little, too late.

Bournemouth and Burton are through.