2017 FIFA Confederations Cup


Ter Stegen shouldn’t have touched it, as the ball was going out.
Ter Stegen is such a turd keeper.


The finishing in this game has been god awful


Chile can’t score to save its life!
Risking high defensive line for Chile in these last minutes. But they have no choice.


Germany vs Chile Rugby match :sweat_smile:


Can you legend…:arteta:


Bravo playing rugby!
Bravo and his free kick ahahha!


Lol at that from Can.

Been a good final to watch IMO.


Alexis FK come on!!!


Fucking wurstels conquer Poland and Russia again! Dark times ahead again :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from joke, just well done!


Just wasn’t Chile’s night failing to convert from all those chances is shocking.


I agree, all those counters and clear shots on target. Should have been 3 or 4 - 0. I guess they wanted to let the Chileans off easily because they’re really likeable chaps.


Illegal performance by Musta, MOTM!


I don’t like @TheSpecialCnut, tbh.


2 trophies in 3 days for Germany, not too shabby



Only England can stop their world domination again like 72 years ago :mustafi:


Pretty apt article right now

How Germany went from bust to boom on the talent production line


Devastated :santi:


You can’t always win. Wee national teams like Germany deserves their time :wink: