2017 FIFA Confederations Cup


Oh! That was a sitter for Russia!
Akinfeev is just so shit! Ahahahahah! 2-1 Mexico!


I remember a good few years ago people were going on about him needing to be at Arsenal :mustafi:


3-1 Mexico and game over.
Edit: VAR disallowed it.
Mexico so close to the 3-1. Just can’t connect with the ball.
Russia just trying to injury Mexico players now.
3-0 Andrè Silva, the new Milan striker.
4-0 Nani.
Portugal wins group A, while Mexico comes second.


he was decent back in fm 2010 or 11, whichever one it was :slight_smile:


Germany and Chile just need a draw to qualify.


Chile-Australia getting really nasty. Cahill should be off.
What a chance for Australia! Nice through ball in and good save by Bravo.
Australia takes the lead! I say it is deserved, as they were creating some dangerous chances on the break.
1-0 Australia at HT. Chile all over the place at the back. Germany-Cameroon 0-0, instead.


Australia needs a second without conceding to qualify.
Australia still going strong. Meanwhile, Germany takes the lead.
Christ! Chile is so soft at the back.
Such an undeserved draw for Chile and 2-0 Germany.
What a miss by Vargas! Great move and assist by Alexis.
Chile-Australia is a really nice game.
Cameroon pulls one back.
Werner with a brace to probably kill the game off.


Germany first, Chile second.




Alexis vs. CR7 today.


C’mon Chile!
Andrè Gomes starts with a good shot.
Vargas bottles it. Great assist by Alexis.
What an assist it would have been by CR7! Great game so far.
Ronnie looks confident today. He is playing as playmaker.


C’mon Chile!


This is really an end-to-end game.
0-0 HT. The last 10 minutes have been shit, tbh.


Andrè Gomes and his shots :coq:
Vidal misses a completely free header!
The game has become interesting again. Ronnie with a good chance here. He usually scores these ones.
Vidal with a rocket! That would have been a great goal!
CR7 not good at free kicks anymore.
First Andrè Silva loses the ball, then kicks an opponent. Well done!
Both teams just waiting for ET now.
Sanchez has basically done nothing, tbh.
30 more minutes of this misery are coming soon.


Extra time. Good, because I just ordered some new drinks. And now @Luca_from_Italy can make a new post instead of editing his previous one.


Cheers mate!


Portugal has many attacking and technical players and yet they can’t pass the ball.


Alexis so close there. Great header.


Wow Alexis! He reached the sky to head this ball!
Portugal should have shoot here.


Hurry up penalties and save us all

Penalty to Chile surely??


Yeah, the last 30 minutes have been crap.