2017 FIFA Confederations Cup


Watch the video lady :wink:


2-1 Mexico. New Zealand was never gonna resist.
Peralta close to score a beauty.
It’s not over yet! New Zealand is not giving up.
Indeed. New Zealand hits the bar!
Fight!!! Nervous last minutes!
What a game, probably the best of the tournament so far! There was everything: goals, chance and kicks.


Camerun-Australia now :hipster:
This australian player thought to be Messi.
The game is pretty dull.
1-0 Cameroon out of nothing. The goalie and the defender cocked up here.


VAR strikes again. Penalty to Australia and 1-1.
Lol! That was a great chance for Cameroon! Completely bottled it!
Tim Cahill still playing! What a legend he is!
It’s finally over. 1-1.


Germany-Chile now.
Can dictating the tempo for Germany :giroud3:
Alexis is still very greed when it comes to pass the ball.




ALEXISSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Germany cocked up at the back!


Guess who cocked up :mustafi:


Sanchez goal, Mustafi with the assist. I didn’t realise Arsenal were playing…


Any particular reason why Germany have a weakened starting line up?


Chile playing really well.


Mustafi’s having a stinker so far, int he


Dont give a fuck about this cup lol. In previous years they went a step further and refused to even attend!


Nice through ball in by Draxler. Kimmich can’t head it well.
What a hit son! Chile hits the bar!
Chile is just amazing. They do play so well.


1-1. What a through ball.


1-1 HT. Nice game!


Alexis close to score again with a good free kick.
You do sense Sanchez is gonna create something everytime he has the balls.


And close to getting injured again at this fucking Mickey Mouse tournament.


Vargas off.
1-1 FT. Very good game.


Group A to be decided today.
Messico dictating the play, while Russia plays on counter.
1-0 Russia with Samedov. Mexico’s defence couldn’t clear the ball out.
Akinfeev ahahah! He is still shit. 1-1.
1-0 CR7 thanks to a penalty.
2-0 Bernardo Silva.
Nasty foul here. And yet Russia complains.
Messico 1-1 and Portugal 2-0 up at HT.