2017 FIFA Confederations Cup


Less than 1 minute and Chile hits the post with Vargas.
Chile should already be 2-0 up.
Cameroon hasn’t shown up yet. So easy for Chile.
Both teams can’t defend to save their lives. Nice open game!
So many chances in these first minutes!
Goal wrongly disallowed to Cameroon. They have woken up in the last minutes.
Another good chance for Chile.
Well, weird decision here. I thought it wasn’t offside. 0-0 HT. Nice game.


Can definitely understand why people are going to hate VAR but the goal was off side. I actually thought it was off side before the replay and on side after the first replay :joy:


lol VAR needs a bit more of work as the celebrating then calling the goal off is annoying A.F.


Ok, it was slightly offside.


Cameroon better than Chile in this second half.
Alexis! :sanchez2:
Cameroon really good in the second half.
Chile non-existent in this second half.
Well, that’s legal. 1-0 Vidal. Alexis with a wonderful assist.
Well, Alexis should have scored before his teammate. 2-0 Chile.
2-0 Chile FT.


Germany leading Australia 2-1 at HT thanks to Draxler’s penalty.


wtf is this Germany team???


A team that does not really give a rats arse about the tournament :joy:



Yess Goretzka!


Goretkza and Brandt have impressed me so far.

Kimmich has been great too, Leno though is a mug for those two mistakes lol.

Wagner shouldn’t be playing IMO, Werner has done more than enough to earn that spot.


Hope Wenger was watching.


3-2 FT for Germany.


Haha that’s putting it politely, his overrated af. You see his save vs Forsberg earlier in the season ?



And someone wants him here :hipster:


I know it was only Australia (no offense @AW49 & @Aussiegooner) but Goretzka smashed it yesterday, he was everywhere.

That heat maps one of the reasons his on my wishlist, he’d be the perfect partner for Xhaka. Goretzka’s only got a year left on his contract too.


No offense taken. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Russia-Portugal at 16:00.
Portugal leading at HT thanks to CR7.
1-0 Portugal FT.


New Zeland 1-0 up at HT against Mexico!

LOLLLLLLL! “Motherfucker!” :arteta:



Herrera on for Mexico.
Mexico putting New Zealand under big pressure in this start of the second half.
That’s an assault! New Zealand won’t resist for the whole half.
Mexico should have already scored 3.
What a miss for New Zealand! Cracking game!
It was coming. Nice goal!
That’s a surprising good game!


Do New Zealand have any players I may have head of aside from Chris Wood?

And did the Mexico manager really call the NZ manager a “motherf***er”? :joy: