2017/18 League Cup


Phil Tuffnel and Matt Dawson… glad I didn’t watch it live now.


Why would Dawson and Tuffnel agree to rig the draw? Cos it can’t be rigged without their cooperation.


The Carabao mafia got to them.

It’s the only explanation.


It’s a massive coincidence that the big four were kept apart though. What are the chances of that when there are only four games?

But anyway, West Ham isn’t a bad draw. Despite their win last night, they are generally pretty shit.


I know.
Who would have thought that Man City, Man U, Chelsea and West Ham would all get a good draw :wink:


Great draw! Should do it!


Chelsea, City, United and Arsenal it is. At least we made the semis


Southampton knocked us out at the quarter finals at the Emirates last season so we could easily Arsenal this.



Yes I did spend 15 minutes working it out :bellerin:


You don’t get such helpful service from the bosses on other forums. :kroenke:


You go on other forums? :anguished:


True that, but i don’t think West Ham are more dangerous than the Saints.


@persona is a well known poster at Onlineweirdswedishmovies.com


Don’t worry about the slights from TSC, Doc, lots of things seem weird to the uncultured/barbaric mind.


He is a chilean after all.


I think with the side we are likely to send out the West Ham tie will be a toss of the coin, by the way how often do we receive home draws in domestic cups lol ?


Wait your saying you can get drawn away in cup games?! :joy:




Surprise surprise. Our game is better than those! I assume we’ll be on the Tuesday given that we’re playing Friday night, but wouldn’t surprise me if they dumped us on the Wednesday.


Because Mancheste City are away thats why. Makes it a bigger game than Arsenal at home to WHU.

Can see why they picked it