2017/18 League Cup


I don’t remember that game, so it means I’ve never seen us lose to a club from Bristol at Highbury :smiley:


No, easy draw again. Thanks!


West Ham or Chelsea would be a good London derby game.


I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for this draw…

I like how they try and do each draw differently. Round one, they put teams in the pot twice. We’ve had a 4am draw in Thailand. And now we have a cricketer and a rugby player doing a draw which is being shown exclusively on Twitter. You can’t say those Carabao folk don’t know how to have fun


Is the draw now?


Here we go here we go here we go :clap:

7 minutes past and nothing. Another Carabao Cup success :clap:


At the point where I want to win this thing. Don’t care how pointless it is


Yeah, Wenger’s record is shit here. Need to improve.


Twitter?! Seriously


Yep. It will start at some point today. I guess they’re struggling to put 8 balls in a bag.




This is more farcical than the Arsenal AGM this morning! Bring back Carling!


It’s 5:06, what are they fucking about at?


So 17:20 and still no draw?! Cups a fucking shambles :joy::joy::joy:



They’re probably trying to sober Tufnell up.


It’s 2067. Wenger is still our manager and we’re still waiting for the Carabao Cup draw :expressionless:


Are they having a fucking laugh, pre recorded?! Man United got Bristol City in a draw that wasn’t live? At least we know what caused the delay now - they had to keep doing the draw until José was happy.


West Ham home YES


Wait United got Bristol. Honestly I think it’s been rigged


Ha yeah definitely rigged. Didn’t start at the time it was supposed to and they didn’t show it live which meant they get to have the 2 big semi finals that they wanted