2017/18 League Cup


Will be an all-Premier League quarter finals this year


The empty as fuck stadium Derby.


United, Bournemouth, Bristol and Leicester qualify.
ET for City.
City win on penalties.




Im sure after 2 hours world class players can adjust to a ball. Sometimes its better to say nothing. Not satisfied with having unlimited resources he now wants to pick the fucking ball.


It seems a bit of a weak excuse, blaming the ball for not scoring.

I was under the impression that both teams played with the same ball and Wolves seemed ok with it.

Also, how does Guardiola explain that they scored all their penalties?
Did they change the ball for that?


That’s a new one. Never heard of something like this before.
You have to get used to everything if you want to win.


Sissoko makes 1-0 to Spurs.


Would have been better if pep came out and said wolves had a advantage because they get to use the mitre ball every week we’re prem clubs only had 2 days to practice with it


Chelsea are ahead, looks like we will have 5 of the big sides in the last 8.


Chelsea lead thanks to Rudiger. Everton are just shit.


Give us Tottenham at Wembley draw gods. If we’re gonna be in this tinpot cup then make it one worth watching


Nah I want Bristol City. Not just because they’re the weakest team in it. But because we never play them. We play all these PL chumps all the time. Plus, Bristol City have a really cool Twitter feed.


Chelsea up at HT. Nothing to worry about for them.
2-0 Alli and game over.


I saw us against Bristol Rovers in the League Cup in the eighties.
I think we won three or four nil.
That’s about all I remember about it, so it’s probably not as thrilling playing a club from Bristol, as it sounds :wink:


Does anyone know if Everton get awarded a penalty will Unsworth take the spot kick ?


Everton deserve the draw. They went close again.
West Ham pull one back.


Get in West Ham!


Yes! 2-2!
Chelsea have been non-existent in the second half.
Batshuayi has just broken his cojones :mustafi:
Everton hit the bar!


That must have been some half time team talk!