2017/18 League Cup


Or his mum.



£180,000 a week…

Although I prefer £35,000,000. :mustafi:


Having a flashback to when people were saying I had an agenda against him for saying he wasn’t good at CM (@Oliver), Darkseid was saying he was better than Ramsey, etc. etc.

You guys have given up on that dream quickly, it seems.


Ehh yeah this is bullshit.

I said he was playing well in that spell that’s it, fuck knows where you’re getting that from.


You did, mate. Tbf it was in winter when Ramsey still hadn’t has his good spell in the spring, but still…


No I really didn’t.



Is that saying he’s better?

You have form for this bullshit where you go to posts long gone and attempt to paraphrase in the worst way on some point scoring shit…it’s more than a little lame hombre.


Yeah, you’re right, it’s saying that Ox was good at CM and that “he’s taking to the middle like a duck to water, he looks more natural at CM than Ramsey”, which I’m not sure is worse or better.

These posts aren’t hard to find, I remembered this argument where people were crazily thinking that Ox had done well at CM because of a couple of squawka bullshit tweets, when it was obvious if you had half a brain that he was still shit there. I picked a random number like 750, looked for my Abou Diaby face, found it, and found the argument. Takes two seconds. Less than it takes for me to write this post lol. It’s not my fault you have a penchant for saying crazy things like this.


And like you have said some utterly hyperbolic things about Ramsey and Giroud.



Burnley vs Leeds just went crazy at the end of the 90.


No doubt, hence why I didn’t @ you, because in your defence you weren’t quite as obnoxious as Oliver was about it, and realised you were wrong pretty quickly. Tbh on Giroud I’ve been more right than pretty much anyone on this forum. And when I’ve gone off on Ramsey he’s usually deserved it, like in parts of 15-16 where he was actually playing as bad as Ox.


Kenedy puts Chelsea up against Nottingham.
2-0 Batshuayi and already 1-0 to City against WBA and Manure against Burton. Sanè e Rashford.
Rashford again. 2-0.
3-0 Chelsea with Musonda.
3-0 for United as well with Lingard.
4-0 Chelsea and 2-0 Everton.
5-0 Chelsea, 4-0 United and 3-0 Everton.
1-1 WBA!
Chatski, Everton Manure and Shitty are through.


Good night for the big clubs with no surprises, lets see what the 4th round draw throws up.



Chelsea v Everton looks the tie of the round - if Everton can get it together. Spurs v West Ham could be decent too.

A home draw for us, what else?! :sunglasses:


Arsenal vs Norwich

Fucking hell another borefest :sleeping:


Spurs-West Ham
Bristol City-Crystal Palace
Swansea City-United
Arsenal-Norwich. Great!
Manchester City-Wolverhampton
Leicester City-Leeds United


Favourable draws, we could make the semis at least