2017/18 League Cup


Goal from Captain Tsubasa


Slimaniiiiiiiiiii golazooooo

Ox might actually be some sort of curse :joy:


Slimani scraemer


Looks as though Liverpool will have to turn their attention to the FA cup if they want to end their trophy drought this season.


2-0 :wenger:


slimanis goal




What all this shows for AoC is that he is at elite or near elite levels for dribbling, attacking passing, passes into the box and expected assists per 90. Also above average in throughballs, open play chances created and touches in the box. He also rarely loses the ball despite an exceptionally high amount of dribbling. This all points to a lockpick type player. He is doing things in tight areas to an extremely high success rate. What this doesn’t show is his pace, which makes all of that stuff far more effective. But we can see things like the pace of a player with a quick scouting job on youtube.

So if you are imagining a player who would want to move between the lines of a side, or to destabilize a low block, and try to imagine what things you would want them to do at very high volumes successfully - your are basically listening the things AoC is at elite levels at statistically speaking in order.

  1. Dribbling. (especially his high success rate at high volume)
  2. Attacking Passing (indicates a high volume of forward passing high up the pitch with a high success rate)
  3. Expected Assists (indicates his ability to get the ball into goalscoring positions consistently to the right players)
  4. OP(open play) Passes into the box (How many passes he completes in the opponents box. Our two elite players in the squad in this metric are Coutinho & Lallana).
  5. Throughballs - self explanatory


Had to be RAWK :joy::joy:


That’s his quota for goals scored with his feet for this season.


man we play better without the ox whether a4tt wants to believe it or not, and as soon as liverpool have him they have gone to shit. maybe his nickname is a very good one, he is a shambles…always wondering in late for training etc like he doesnt need it :arteta:


The Ox is a walking L :arteta:

Good time to post this


Klopp ballsed this right up didnt he.


Wonder how long his beard Perri will take to figure this out


So The Ox was the poison in our team :henry2:


Spurs were practically giving away tickets for their match tonight. This was the result: thank God Wembley holds 90,000 people eh.



Liverpool don’t seem to take this seriously, it’s an inferior cup


Embarrassing attendance from Tottenham! Truly smalltime stuff. Wow that looks sparse.

Under 24,000 attendance and you’d have to assume they dropped the asking price too…that’s awful. We got almost double that against a team (Shrewsbury) in a lower division than Barnsley, and arguably the statuses of the League and Fa Cups aren’t too much different at this early stage of the competition.

People go on about White Hart Lane having a better atmosphere, but at least our tourists turn out…where were theirs tonight! :smile:


Hahahahaha. Trust me couldn’t be happier those arrongant lolpool cunts are losing. I used to love Ox but fuck him if hid favorite team is lolpool and he turned us down to stay. Loving that he’s being used as a bit part player and mostly failing.


Apparently he really had an atrocious game.


What a surprise that, Ox having an atrocious game in centre midfield. Never would’ve guessed it.