2017/18 League Cup


Burnley, West Ham, Rotherham and Stoke are up, while Newcastle and Saints draw.


Newcastle United trailing at home to Nottingham Forest, been a poor start to the season for them.


Burnley, West Ham, Huddersfield, Wolverhampton, Nottingham and Stoke are through.


Going to be really interested who posts the draw on here and at what time.


Luca has his alarm clock set I’d say.


We get Doncaster Rovers at home.


Decent enough draw then! We’ll field some kids


Great draw!


Are Doncaster the lowest ranked team left in it? We have to win this one, even with kids! :see_no_evil:


Bristol Rovers as well.


Can’t contain my excitement for Doncaster at home


I’m looking more forward to it than our visit to Anfield this Sunday :eyes:


I actually am looking forward to it. I’m gonna go – I like watching our youngsters. It’ll be a good experience for Doncaster too, and these games are the only opportunity some people get to go see their team. This cup definitely has its place IMO.


Because you fear Liverpool but not Doncaster :eyes:


He is starting as winger! :arteta:


Why the fuck is Ings still at that club.


His Twitter bio still describes him as a “pprofessional footballer” :speak_no_evil: He’s made about 7 appearances in 2 years. I know he has had bad luck with injuries but that’s still ridiculous! Not to mention that even when fit he’s probably not good enough for a team like Liverpool anyway.


Norwich, Palace and West Ham are up, while the others draw.


It’s hard to decide who’s more stupid, Gray or Chamberlain.