2017/18 League Cup


Colchester are playing Aston Villa tonight. We’re going to lose :xhaka:


The mighty Colchester. Used to play in the Championship some years ago :wink:


Aston Villa, Bolton, Leeds, Burton and Sheffield United are through.


Narrow win for Sunderland against Bury.


Just seen that the draw for the third round will take place in Beijing – 4.15am UK time :rofl: Anyone staying up for that?! They’ll be having us actually play the matches in China next!

It’s becoming increasingly hard to defend this trophy.



Carabao Cup?!


“Carabao Cup” wtf

Why is this even a thing anymore. It’s just draining resources with no use at all.


Community Shield >


Exotic name to get new sponsor.


lol that is the name of the sponsor.


Some Premier League teams are in action in the second round today and tomorrow. Maybe only Crystal Palace and Swansea risk something due to their poor form atm.


The draw could be held in the middle of Antarctica and it would still be a better competition to win than the Community Shield :smirk::sunglasses:


Indeed. I do finally want to win it this season :grimacing:


If we reach the Semi Finals maybe I’ll take an interest in this competition


Bramall starts for Birmingham against Bournemouth.


Awkward for Jenks, the 15yo gets picked but he doesn’t :eyes:


WBA are the only Premier League team who are winning after the first half. The other are drawing or losing (Bournemouth).


Last 3 winners are united city chelsea. Good enough for them. . .


Watching Sheffield Utd / Leicester on our newly pilfered Sky get up. Massive gulf in class here, plus Leicester are resting most of their league team


Crystal Palace, WBA, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burton, Sunderland, Doncaster, Bristol Rovers, Derby (but they played for the first round), Leeds, Middlesbrough, Swansea City, Norwich, Brentford, Leicester and Bristol City are through.
Bolton are through as well.
Reading qualify.