2017/18 League Cup


Posh man that Pep guy.


Tickets on sale today for this, £72 behind the goal :grimacing: elsewhere ranging from £56-£100+

Match #2 of the season, both at Wembley, bloody hate those glory fans


Did you get one yourself?


Losing to Wigan has rattled Guardiola and their players which means we have a better chance of beating them in the final.

It will be interesting to see how they react to the FA Cup defeat by a lower league club when we play them in our next PL game with them.

If we can put in a good performance and avoid losing in that game, then it will show we are capable of beating them in the League Cup final.

The pressure is on them, and we have a very good record at Wembley in the domestic cups, so we could win this.


We play them in the League Cup Final before we play them in the league.


That’s even better.
We’ll play them while their still down :grinning:


You could equally say Guardiola will get a reaction out of them, they won’t do an Arsenal in the space of a week and will most likely bounce back in the league cup final

I would’ve rated our chances as slightly better if they’d coasted to a routine win over Wigan and it had been us to burst the quadruple dream, but it’s all just speculative I guess

@shamrockgooner sorry yes, I did get tickets, they haven’t arrived yet tho


Agreed. I was feeling rather optimistic (me being optimistic equates to admitting the draw was a possibility) about this tie but now I expect them to bounce back and slap our asses.


Wigan have the best defence in league 1 by a long chalk. Dunkley and Burn worked their socks off last night – they’re probably better than our CBs :grin: There is no way we’re keeping a clean sheet on Sunday.

And as has been stated above, City will be angry now. Being eliminated from 2 cups in 6 days is too Arsenal-esque for City. Hope i’m wrong though.


Keep the faith :xhaka:


Luca why do I get the feeling you would love OA to just have positive comments only.

As you always crack up when you read pessamtic posts hah


White shorts it is


Swear, would actually take Burn here.


Just taking the piss. Love it :kos2:


Common sense prevails over the shorts thing, hallelujah. That was plain embarrassing