2017/18 League Cup


Very strong team for City.


hoping Bristol City knock them out, did well in the first leg


No Auba tho


I know.


Bristol trying to resist to snatch a late goal.
Game over. Bristol City cocked up at the back and Sanè scores thanks to a deflection.



Bristol City don’t exactly look like scoring once, so I think that’s the game done. Incredibly small time from Man City to have to return part of their ticket allocation for a cup semi final :smile: No way that would ever happen with actual big clubs like ourselves, Liverpool, Man United


2-0 Aguero. Great pass from de Bruyne.


Gotta win and prevent them from doing the double.


Poor Bristol! Getting outplayed all over the pitch.


fair play to them for reaching the semis though, knocking United out as well


Good goal from Bristol.


And here’s the gif…



2-2! Well, Bristol saved their honour :smiley:

3-2 de Bruyne! Crazy last minutes.


3-2 FT. City are through.


Our PL game v Man City will have to be rescheduled now. Though we could still end up playing them that day – just not in the same competition :smile:


Man, kinda surprising Pep didn’t rotate for this game, imagine putting out your strongest squad in the bloody Kangaroo Cup up 2-1 on agg against Bristol City…


What else does he need his strongest squad for? He probably just wants a cup in the bag as soon as he can.


Fair point, but I’d be trying to keep the game load down for De Bruyne, Agüero, Sané, Sterling and co. in view of a CL challenge.


He can just rest them in league games whenever he likes, not like they are going to blow a 12 point lead or whatever it is.