2017/18 League Cup


Please City, go bankrupt. 2-1 Aguero.



In the last few minutes… so unlucky for Bristol City


City could play their 4th team and still win the game. They have become the dictators of football.



Still in the tie, that’s the best Bristol City could’ve hoped for


What happens with away goals assuming they count in this competition? If Bristol City win 1-0 2nd leg (lol) they go through?


Yep. I’d take 2-1 tomorrow.


:joy: lol luca relax it’s the fucking league cup


We’re not beating City in the final, not sure it’s really worth bothering with the Chelsea tie.


2-1 Aguero.


You know a team is pretty special when it was entering stoppage time I was thinking it was 50-50 wether they’d win or not.


We aren’t finishing top 4 in the league either, so no real point bothering with league matches.


So see you next summer? Season over :wink:


Nah I will still watch games because that’s just what I do, but that’s the reality of the situation. Only games I will look forward to for the rest of the season though are the Europa league ties.


Weirdly we have a better chance in the final v City than the 2 legs v Chelsea, Wembley is our playground


only after extra time. Its not like in europe.


That’s way too defeatist. It’s a one off, a cup final. Anyone could win on the day, however unlikely it seems.


We already beat City and Cheatski in the F.A. Cup last season :kos2:


Normally I would agree but there is just such a large gulf in class between the sides that I can’t see it.


C’mon Bristol today!