2017/18 League Cup


I’m 10 times more excited for tomorrow if this holds…


Even Mendy likes it


I reckon they’ve woken the beast a bit too early but an away goal is a decent return. I think 2-1 final score


1-0 Bristol


1-1. Tie over :wink:


Fucking punchable face de Bruyne. Hate him, fucking hate him. I don’t know if i would punch him or Alli in the face :xhaka:


Bravo with the through pass that made it happen, 1-1.


Lol how can you hate De Bruyne?


Just too good and don’t like his face.


Expected. Fucking oil cunts starting to dominate.


KDB is pretty harmless.

The three I hate the most are Alli, Henderson and Herrera. Though Lingard is making a good attempt to be included.


Aguero on. Game over.


Luca its Bristol City what were expecting?


Well, i had a little hope at the end of the first half.


I was half expecting Arsenal to actually sign Jonny Evans until I saw Mangala play tonight :grimacing:


De Bruyne is quite dislikable, has an annoying vibe about him


The belgian cunt can’t score now. Close though.


You have to be kidding, de Bruyne is like a choirboy in comparison to his compatriot Hazard :smile:


Let’s say belgians tend to be sneaky. Too much chocolate and chips.


Luca you call everyone sneaky tbf