2017/18 League Cup


Yea in one off games fine but we haven’t beaten a decent team over two legs for most (all?) of this decade.


Going to be interesting to see what team Wenger goes with for these Semi Finals. I think it really depends on how the Christmas and New Year period goes for us. If it ends up good and top 4 still up for grabs, I don’t see him risking his first team for The league cup, he take the heat from fans if we lose it as long as he can still get top 4, but if we have a awful run and we are falling behind the top 4 race, I can’t see him not playing his best side.

I’d love for him to go for it, it’s our best chance of silverware let’s be honest. I really can’t see us getting top 4 right now, Definitely don’t see us winning the Europa League with the teams that fell into even with our full team. FA Cup, if we get a easy run to the Semi’s like last year then you never know but that be unlikely we get it twice. We haven’t won the league cup since 1993, it be a nice day out for the fans and you never know we might win it. But I worry Wenger’s loyalty will get the best of him in the end.


You know we’ve hit a low point when our matches are described as “a nice day out”



If it was a one off game at the Emirates or Wembley we’d have a decent chance, but over 2 legs I’m not very optimistic.


Pick the strongest team and go for it.


A bunch of sad pathetic fanatics in here. We dominated City in the match we played with them earlier in the year at the Etihad they were let off the hook by the officials. If we meet them at Wembley that’s basically our home stadium, we will shit on them in a final. Getting past Chelsea will be harder over two legs than beating City in a one off.


City playing without a striker.


Pah! we play without a manager :wink:



Risky, but good clearance from Bristol goalie.


Bravo £17m, Danilo £27m, Stones £47m, Mangala £40m, Zinchenko £2m, Gundogan £20m, Touré £27m, De Bruyne £50m, Sterling £44m, Silva £45m, Sané £37m


Our entire squad cost £362m. :thinking:


And they are missing David Silva and Gabriel Jesus, plus Aguero and Walker are on the bench.


They could play without a GK and still win.


Argh! Good chance for Bristol here!
Bristol giving it go! Well-done!
Bristol are playing fucking well. They even deserve to be up.
Another massive chance for Bristol.


Get in. Reid looks as cool as cucumber!


Stones should be off.
What a clearance from Bristol City!
1-0 Bristol at HT. Absolutely deserved.


Are Bristol City “Bristol”, and Manchester City “City” then? :speak_no_evil:


Yeah Bristol played really well that half, I’m in two minds about who I want to go through as I really don’t want Chelsea winning anything this season.


Yes, so?