2017/18 League Cup


Just came in this thread and seen the result!!

Amazing!! Fuck off Mourinho :joy:


And yet you still like it.


The pitch invasion is still going strong. Can’t wait for José to run over to them and ask them to keep the noise down and show some respect


Jose poking fans in the eye left right and centre!


Oh of course Man City get Bristol City.



F***in w@nkers


Fuck Chelsea tho, we can beat Conte.


What a draw Chelsea vs Arsenal and the away leg first nice one!!

Looking forward to it as Wenger somehow as a good record against Conte.


I mean, we can’t.


Not too worried. We can beat them.


Yea, that’s why we’re going to lose.


0% chance of progressing. Even less of winning the cup.




At least we avoided Man City until the final.
In fact an Arsenal v Man City final could be quite entertaining, although I hope not too embarrassing for us.


Lots of Negative Nigels in here tonight. We beat City and Chelsea in the semi and final of the FA Cup, no reason why we can’t do it in the league cup. Neither of them have been pulling up trees in this competition - Man City have needed penalties against both Wolves and Leicester.

Yeah we probably won’t be favourites, but it’s certainly not a foregone conclusion.

I’m putting us in the final.


Did you know the club to lose the most league cup semi finals and league cup finals is arsenal?

Stat I read on twitter last night… lol


Ah but is that because we’ve been in the most? You can’t lose them if you’re not in them… :sunglasses:


Come on now, we can beat them, cheer up! Didn’t Conte only have one win against us since he came here or something? (might be wrong but can’t remember any other than the 3-1 at theirs)


Arsenal v Bristol city final Carnt wait to watch that


Just realised, we have to play Chelsea three times in January. We’ll be bezzies by the end of the month.