2017/18 League Cup


Why does it matter if they’re home or away? A London Derby is surely more interesting. Especially given West Ham’s exploits in the last round.


In cup games tv companies always pick the big teams away from home first. As more chance of an upset


All those people dismissing the league cup, Big Merse says it’s more important than the FA Cup :sunglasses:


This guy needs his head checked


What he should have said is the League Cup should be of reasonable importance to Arsenal as its not like they are going to challenge for the Premier League or Champions League for the foreseeable future.


He has, and It’s definitely empty.


City up against Leicester. Bernardo Silva

1-1 Leicester right at the end! :smile:


Come on The Leicester!


Extra time in Leicester?




Cmon City! I wanna be the team to knock them out just like we did last year in the FA Cup.


Vardy 1-1

Yes penalties!


Bloody Jamie Vardy. The WKD drinking bottler!




Loved Pep’s reaction to winning that match. He was delighted, going round congratulating all the players - especially the youngsters. He was proper proud.

Don’t tell me that the Community Shield is better than this competition!


Dont like this penalty shoot out system tbh. Id just go sudden death from the off. Never understood why it was 5 each in the first place.


He looks like he’s a great man manager.

Our players barely acknowledge Wenger in public



Why is he so proud of a penalty win?
Was the team filled with youngsters?


I’d like to get City and knock them out again now :kos2: