2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Kenny absolutely smashed it.


Yea but yous are about as technically gifted at soccer ball as the English so I doubt anyone is that worried. :slight_smile:


Laura Trott is such wife material.




Is volleyball really a serious sport?


Volleyball is awesome. My favorite sport personally. A lot of people play it recreationally outdoors and indoors in the states.


It’s a bit boring to watch though imo :/, Brazil vs China atm and they’re apparently two of the top nations in the sport.


I prefer the women’s beach…eye candy aside even.


Mens Basketball quarter finals coming up today which I’m looking forward to.


Yes! It’s final in men’s beach volley. We are probably gonna lose, but it’s still a great result.


You really need that to even remotely catch up. 8 gold medals, pathetic. :sunglasses:


Just seen something very damning for USA Morris. It looks here that your average Brit is worth far more than your average American 3X as much. Respect to the Dutch. Tall bastards.


Surprise surprise! A german hating on an italian :poldi:. We have always won around 10 gold medals in every Olympic Game.


One for every “skeet” final?


Well the IOC cheated for Brazil to get these games and now Brazil has cheated the world out of the treasure of Walsh-Jennings/Ross in the gold medal match of women’s beach volleyball. Their crowd was dire and their dancing is terrible, not English dancing bad yet somehow more annoying.


The head of the Irish Olympic committee as well as some other executives/employees have been arrested for ticket touting.



The Taekwondo is pretty good viewing. Looking forward to the heats of the BMX competition in a little while, always fast and chaotic.


Damn, looking like a serious leg injury in the womens freestyle wrestling, India’s Vinesh Phogat is being put on a stretcher.


Australia giving Lithuania a pasting in the 1st mens basketball Quarter Final.


You look great as basketball team.