2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Not sure of the context here but damn!



So thankful to have an Olympic team that doesn’t have to resort to cheating to win. Team GB just seems like it stoops to a pretty low level when it comes to sportsmanship.


I’m not sure but it seems a couple of the russian boxers have won some very shakey decisions.


The Irish boxer was conned. Won every round piss easy but had a unanimous decision against him. Russian brown envelopes must have got to the judges.


Was saying earlier, I’m not a fan of sports where results come down to the decision of judges. You might technically have done everything right, but all it takes is one judge to be a complete bastard and not give you the scoring you deserve. It’s so open to interpretation.

As regards to Olympic Boxing, I thought it was better when they used to decide it on points earned through the tie everytime you managed to hit your opponent in a spot that would gain you a point and you would visibly see the points they were earning as the fight was going on next to the timer. It’s a shame they done away with that format.


Yes! We have reached the semi-finals in men’s water polo as well. Now we are up against the best in the world: Serbia.


Laura Trott gold medal again! Bossed it all the way through, such a great Olympian.


Agreed that was a much better system. Judges reacting to the moment as opposed to trying to tally three or five minutes of moments and decide who was better.


Great effort from the girls in the cycling sprint considering where they have both come from.

King Kenny up next, if he wins this we overtake our haul from Beijing.


I always thought 50 medals and more were doable in these games, so great to see we’re about to reach this total!

It’s going to be impossible to call who will win SPOTY later this year. So many deserving candicates.


Come on Kenny…


Not a bad graph. Was made before Trott won another Gold.


Phewwwwww I thought that was going to be a disqualification. Would’ve been very harsh.


What drama


As good as all those cyclists are its Steve Redgraves haul thats the most impressive on that list imo.


[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:296, topic:449”]
As good as all those cyclists are its Steve Redgraves haul thats the most impressive on that list imo.
[/quote]Yeah, to win 5 gold medals in 5 seperate games in a physically demanding sport like Rowing is very impressive. I remember the last one in Sydney well being such a big moment in GB sporting history :slight_smile:


This is a farce. I blame the guy leading them out :joy:


I think Phelps has as many by himself as that list combined. This is why the rest of the world better hope that soccerball game doesn’t truly take off in the states were pretty much all bred as next level athletes.


I’d give it to the doctor. :wink:


Kenny… just WOW. Unbeatable.