2016/2017 Other Teams Kit Thread


Continuing Calum’s thread :slight_smile:

Everton 2016/2016 Away Kit


That’s actually quite nice! So wish we would have a black away top one season! :heart_eyes:


Look at this beauty omg finally a shirt I can buy


Norwich 3rd kit…:poop:


Looks like a circle and district line seat cover.


This is really smart.


I like it!


Think that’s vile, although the Chevvy logo in the middle there makes it a nice and easy target to punch the cunts in the solar plexus, so that’s good.


That Norwich 3rd kit has such a 90s seat cover vibe to it.


That ManU shirt is nice.

That’s what I would rather have in our shirts (the two reds on each side) instead of the weird line in the middle, as it resembles our badge more than the ManU badge.

But well…


Manchester City away is very smart!


That Norwich shirt is sensational. Big fan of that




Looks like a fucking Doppler radar screen with light showers over the whole of England.


Pep bringing the Barcelona to Manchester I guess!


A little hometown pride because Under Armour picked up the St. Pauli account but also because like all hipsters I have a soft spot for St. Pauli and their anti fascist, anti racist flavor. I really want to pick one of these bad boys up and wear it to a Trump rally. :theo:




Lovely kit.


I would so like to wipe my arse with that shit!!!


Bayern shirt is quite smart!