2016-17 League Cup


Is Mkhitaryan injured? He’s not even on the bench.


Yeah it’s on Sky right after United - City.


Me and my friends play better than both Manchester sides.


I play better alone than… nevermind


Worst half ever. What a pile of shit that was!


2-0 West Ham!


Get in.




Good goal!
Finally a chance with Pogba! Caballero did well to stop him.
The player José hates most scores. 1-0 Manure. It would have been penalty though.


Foul by Herrera?


Sterling on.


Boufal just scored a screamer on his first Southampton start :eyes:



Consolation goal for Chelsea, but it’s not enough :smiley:


This is our competition to win with Chelsea and (likely) City out. Liverpool are still in good form this season but this United looks pretty shit. Lets hope we get at least one more easy draw in a few minutes.


Hopefully a run similar to the 2014/15 F.A. Cup.


Let’s be honest here. Since I’ve turned on the match in around the 65th minute United could have scored at least 3 times on the break if Ibra wasn’t such a liability :joy:


6 games without a win for Mr Guardiola. :arteta:


@Arsenal4thetreble That’s complete bullshit. He mistimed the cross that was perfectly delivered by Rashford, but that’s about the only negative thing you could say about that second half performance. That was some superb stuff and probably his best performance for United.


He was crap as usual, besides he goes down easy for being a trained martial artist. If this is his best performance for united wow, especially considering he was playing against a massively weakened city side…


Pogba is such a greedy shit bag from 25 yards oh my word. Loves a once in a blue moon (hah) effort when he can just feed a player in the box to feet for the one two.