2016-17 League Cup


Unfortunately, Northampton looks like what they are, a League 1 side just promoted from League 2.


Lololol, penalty to Northampton!




Come on Northampton, do it for football


Jose forced to put on Zlatan and Rashford.


Needing Zlatan for a league 1 team LOL, fucking hell…i wonder honestly what would happen now if they lost this game with Zlatan and Rashford on, i think there will be pies thrown!


Pretty much all the big teams through to the Round of 16 in the League Cup.


get to the fucking draw


reading it is then, fair do


fuck :open_mouth: what a draw for arsenal!! :joy:


West Ham-Chelsea
Bristol City-Hull City
Leeds United-Norwich City
Newcastle United-Preston

Just perfect!


We need to try and win this competition this year given how the 4th Round draw has panned out for us.


Shit draw! :sob:

Stop making me want Tottenham to win, this is fucking unnatural!


Some big games in there. Manchester derby. West 'aaam and Chelsea, Pool and Scum. We got a kind draw for the kids.


You’d think that’s a licence for near enough the same XI though really, should be enough to make it 13 out of 13 against Reading, or 14 out of 14 (whatever it is).

Xhaka should be firmly cemented in the league XI soon though, unless Wenger’s an idiot and he’s been in football 30 years after all. So possibly a slightly less experienced version of what we saw at the City Ground, seeing as we have home advantage this time. £10 a ticket tops.


Man united i reckon will be trounced again they just dont have the squad to cope with City, all aged and slow!


We can’t really lose in that Manchester derby. Either Man City, the only team that we should truly fear, gets knocked out or Mourinho loses to Pep again and moves another step toward self-detonation


Reading 5 - 7 Arsenal is one of the greatest games I’ve ever witnessed


We we so so so fucking bad the first half of that Reading game but I remember thinking when we got the goal back we were probably going to go on to win it.


I would prefer City. I can imagine them being knocked in the course of the tournament, because of PL/CL ‘obligations’ whilst it could be the only trophy for United to win this season. Hence them taking it more seriously.