2016-17 League Cup


Just want to see Bielik play, the result I won’t get too worked up about.


should be a decent match for our our reserves/youngsters, even though it’s the Carling Cup I hope we actually do well in it this season


Yeah that was my 1st Season as an Arsenal fan which feels like an eternity ago now.


Want a decent side out in this and make a fist of winning it. The days of our exciting youngsters having a go in this are well gone.
Last 2 winners were Chelsea and City. Good enough for them its good enough for us.
Get people on here throwing the C. Shield as a trophy, well this is well more worthy than that.


Ticket allocation for this game has been upped to 3,700 and is about to goto Silver / Red members for those interested.

Only £20, not toooo bad.

I remember dodging the 3-0 or 4-0 whatever it was at Sheffield Wednesday last year, going to this one though so naturally we’ll walk it


not bad for a defender



Super hit, hopefully Leicester can still knock the cunts out though.


C’mon Leicester! Knock the cunts out!
The cunts are through. Big upset in Bournemouth, instead, as Preston knock them out!


Tottenham vs Arsenal is the one I want in the 4th round.

I doubt they’ll have many problems with Gillingham


Highly unlikely, but I do hope Northampton give Man Utd a tough time tonight, would be hilarious :slight_smile:


I remember the last time these two met.
Man U scored about eight and Best got six of them.
I bet @Drayton remembers that game.


Yup !





Maybe Mou wants to get rid of another useless cup for him so he wants to get knocked out :stuck_out_tongue:


when is the draw for the next round, anyone know?


[quote=“InvincibleDB10, post:31, topic:566, full:true”]
I remember the last time these two met.
Man U scored about eight and Best got six of them.
I bet @Drayton remembers that game.
[/quote]Actually, they last met in 2004, for the FA Cup :slight_smile: That day Man Utd won 3-0 at Sixfields.

Time for some revenge for the Cobblers.


@Maverick79 it’s after the United game. Draw is live on Sky Sports


cheers Calum, hope we get a good draw…dont know if we wanna have a tougher team and get them out of the way potentially or an easier team. I want to avoid Chavski though!


Such a stupid goal to give away from Northampton. I was hoping they’d at least keep it level during the first half.

Think Man Utd are going to stuff 'em well and truly now.


Carrick is better than Pogba :ozil2: