19/20 Signings - Hit and Miss

Looking back on those that moved clubs last summer or in the winter.

Was there a bigger flop than Ndombele at spurs? Really surprising how poorly he has done given his reputation prior to signing for them.

Bruno Fernandes in the mix for biggest hit? Bet spurs are gutted they didn’t push the boat out to get him when they had a chance.

Our very own Pepe probably lays somewhere in the middle, edging more towards hit. At least he’s done good numbers but we need to expect more from him next season.

Maguire at 80m will go down as the biggest stinker of the summer.


Everyone at West Ham as per bloody usual.




Quite a few of those ex bundesliga strikers arrived on these shores for big money last summer didn’t they? That fella at West ham. Sure Aston villa as well. All stunk the place out.

Joelinton, Ndombele, Maguire are the 3 stand out stinkers for me.

Kepa, even though he was signed the season before, is so bad he deserves an honourable mention again.



Bruno Fernades is the standout hit.

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Feels like I haven’t heard lo celso mentioned since spurs signed him. Wasn’t he supposed to be a creative midfielder? Returned 0 pl goals and 2 assists for 60mill.

Can’t say I’ve watched spurs enough to know if he’s actually been good.

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How about this one?


Definitely Haller.

I was excited to see how he’d do at West Ham but he’s barely gotten any goals.

Really poor compared to his previous season, but just shows how dependent on Rebic and Jovic he was.

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Completely forgot about Haller

Though Danny Ings and Jimenez were at Southampton and Wolves respectively on loan last season, the guys have done pretty well after signing permanent deals last summer and it’s safe to say they’ve both been hits.

As for the miss, apart from the names mentioned above, what about Cancelo? For the money that was paid, I hear majority of the city supporters aren’t quite pleased with what they’ve seen so far. And also hearing “rumours” he could be shipped out at a loss this summer.


Yeah Ings has been a massive hit.


Yeah, staying injury free has helped him as well.

The games I have watched he’s been one of their better players, but is that good enough for his price? (I thought it was only £43m including loan fee and purchase but still).
Guess you could say the same about Pepe but at least he’s come up with some decent goal/assist stats.
I do find it odd that everyone’s talked about Pepe’s 70m price tag with him not scoring every game but you don’t hear anything about Lo Celso not coming up with the goods even though it was a significant fee


I think Pulisic has made a difference at Chelsea. Also, I think Man Utd’s best signing has been Wan Bissaka. That fucker is the sole reason they have the 3rd best defensive record in the league.

Lo Celso was actually signed for £27.2m so not a bank breaker. He’s been okayish, will see how he gets on next season.

Big misses have been Haller and Joelinton, the former could turn it around but the latter looks like a £5 player.

Quite like Lo Celso tbh.

At £72m I think Nico Pepe has been a miss, which is not to say that he won’t be a hit in the future. I’ve seen the number of goals and assists he’s produced, so I know you can make a stats influenced argument as to why I might be wrong. I don’t think he’s performed close to his price tag, nor close to the significant potential he has.

Saint-Maximin would be a hit. Bought for £16m and has been close to Newcastle’s best player whenever I’ve seen him play.

Maguire at that price has been a miss, but If United can find him a partner that hides a few of his deficiencies, then he can still be a competent player for United.