10 years at the Emirates

So now we’ve had a full 10 years at the Emirates, seems like an idea to talk about and share some of standout moments over the past decade.

Let’s face it, we need something else to talk about other than Wenger in here :smile:

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Yaya Sanogo scoring a hatrick won’t be topped lol


Beating Barca with two great goals

Twice beating the scum 5-2

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The return of Thierry Henry, my first NLD when we come back from 2-0 to beat the scum 5-2, the 7-0 drubbing of Slavia Prague in 07/08 and beating Fenerbache 5-2 in the same season. Those Turkish fans made quite the impression on me with the amount of noise they made that night.

The performance from Mesut and how we tore Man Utd to shreds first 20 minutes last season gave me such a buzz. :giroud: The team was on fire that day that hasn’t been seen enough in recent seasons.

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Seriously the best Emirates moment for me is this. Never celebrated a goal so much in my life.


Just the overall effect how moving to the emirates has allowed us compete for Europe’s and England’s top honours… Oh wait… If I had to say the win over Barcelona in the 1st leg.

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I remember how grey and insipid it looked on telly and in pictures before they put up the red details around the tiers.

Were you one of the ones who actually thought we would be competing in the same during the heavy debt years?! Seriously?!

Take a look at other teams around the same time who financed the building of their own stadiums in England and how they have faired during their debt years (Hint…Most of them actually got relegated, Only 1 of them so far have come back to any sort of relative success)

Any sensible person could see the sale of players was necessary to balance the books, and that would have a detriment on the success…


Thierry’s header, a rare occurrence of itself, against Man U in the last minute was the stadiums first “moment”. Deserves a mention I reckon.

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Henry’s header against Manu, the comeback (5-2) against Spuds, Henry’s goal against Leeds in the Fa Cup, Welbeck against Leicester.

The Problem is the last 3-4 seasons not the 1st 6 or 7.

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Where we have won 2 FA Cups and just finished 2nd, our highest placing in that decade?

Seems to me, the debt is what crushed us all these years, and its starting to be got under control, and we are seeing some rewards.

2 FA CUPS is great but if we are being realistic we are no closer to winning the league at all, we have never been in the hunt come April since 2008… Money in the bank yet gaps in the squad and that does not look like changing sadly.

This is the moment at The Emirates who will remain forever in my heart:

Could be special if we will win a trophy in our (new) home.


That ^ Arshavin one’s my favorite still get goosebumps watching that

Fabregas’s solo goal vs Tottenham’s up there for me too


Along with Eduardo’s beach volley

And for pure exhilaration

“He may be cast in bronze, but he’s still capable of producing truly golden moments” take a bow Jon Champion take a bow.


I like when we are having a minutes silence and I fixate on Gunnersaurus because I wasn’t hugged enough as a child.


Was there that day with @Fabster & @tone, in the section right next to the scum fans, that was the 2nd goal in quick succession putting us 2-0 up (almost straight from the kick off from the first goal)…Before that they had been giving it “Just Like The Library” to us solid for about 5 minutes…How we rammed that down their ugly mugs singing it straight back at them after that Cesc goal!


@TA-6 I was going to mention that game as well. I remember we were still giving it to them for the first goal when Cesc got the 2nd. Hilarious!

The return of TH14 is up there as well for me


The Best for me was the first game Dennis Berkamps farewell !
Gilles Grimondi’s foul on Edgar Davids had me rolling on the floor laughing !
It was supposed to herald the begining of a new golden era !