What are you listening to right now?


Jamiroquai’s latest album is quality!!


Oh, someone who has something to say. Have a like! :grinning:


Forever irreplaceable.




Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin :sunglasses:


Deliverence - Prince
decent track, bluesy gospelish…
full ep
1.Prince - Deliverance (3:45)
2.Prince - I Am (2:24)
3.Prince - Touch Me (1:49)
4.Prince - Sunrise Sunset (1:12)
5.Prince - One One Else (2:52)
6.Prince - I Am (Extended) (3:49)


Same here @SLAG .

Nothing but Prince for me this weekend. Can’t believe it’s been over a year.

Here’s a link for anyone else interested in musical genius. It might die soon though because the producer is being sued for basically stealing the recording from Paisely Park.


Funky morning


Keeping it funky! My only criticism of 70’s style funk is that it can get a bit too nice (some even verging on disco which isn’t my thing at all) - I like a nasty bassline- got to slap the shit out of it!

Cue Ida Nielsen- there’s something fantastic about a female bass player, hence why I got my OH to buy her own Jazz Bass in purple, of course. Nice.



I don’t mind a bit of disco-funk tbh






The great Ray Davies - Americana
1.Ray Davies - Americana (4:01)
2.Ray Davies - The Deal (5:03)
3.Ray Davies - Poetry (5:05)
4.Ray Davies - Message from the Road (2:56)
5.Ray Davies - A Place in Your Heart (5:03)
6.Ray Davies - The Mystery Room (3:51)
7.Ray Davies - Silent Movie (1:11)
8.Ray Davies - Rock ‘N’ Roll Cowboys (4:21)
9.Ray Davies - Change for Change (3:23)
10.Ray Davies - The Man Upstairs (1:36)
11.Ray Davies - I’ve Heard That Beat Before (4:03)
12.Ray Davies - A Long Drive Home to Tarzana (4:59)
13.Ray Davies - The Great Highway (4:43)
14.Ray Davies - The Invaders (3:47)
15.Ray Davies - Wings of Fantasy (4:17)



created an awesome play list on deezer


Slayer-South of heaven