Trump Watch


For god sake, don’t let him use Twitter. He’s gonna cause a war soon.



The guy is not even in office yet and has done more than Obama has done in 8 years. even Democrats in the US are saying the man should be given a chance.

One of the jobs of a leader is to put people in positions of govt, people who know how to get things done. if that means he has to hire a billionaire then so be it, as long as that guy knows what he’s doing.
If it’s Trumps economic policies that people disagree with, well, lets look at what he’s done already. he did manage to stop Carier from moving it’s plant to Mexico thereby keeping two thousand(?) jobs in the US. Ford also announced that they will be keeping their small car production in the US and could very well bring back some of it’s other plants. even Apple said they could well end up bring back their factories. not bad for a man who hasn’t even got into office yet.

He also plans on cutting corporate/business tax, again that’s a good thing for jobs. he also plans on reducing the working class taxes if he keeps his word on the rebuilding of US infrastructure, that there could create untold jobs. i don’t see why people have such a problem with the man.

As for what @Luca_from_Italy said about Trump starting WW3, i think he’s confused Trump with Obama. easily made mistake there :gunnersaurus:

Trump i have no doubt at all-will be held to account if he fails to deliver on his core policies. but i think he definitely deserves a chance :slight_smile:


I really haven’t missed your posting in Current Affairs.


I’m sure you’ll get a few likes for that one Jakey :slight_smile:

I thought i’d tone it down and be a bit more objective, so what is it now you disagree with?


I couldn’t even find a word strong enough to describe how completely asinine this is.


How so? Carier was on their way out of the US, as was Fords small car plant, they both stayed because of Trump. Obama on the other hand has done nothing for job creation, in fact Obamacare alone is responsible for full time job destruction. to say nothing of Obama’s war on the coal industry which has wiped out all those jobs and raised energy bills.

The bottomline is this, don’t you guys think the man deserves a chance before condemning him?


I’m not condemning the man I just think it’s ridiculous to state that Trump, before entering office, has done more than Obama accomplished in two terms. Not to mention Obama was faced with perhaps the most difficult opposition to all his policies by the Republican Party of any democratic president in many generations.


No. He’s a horrible bigoted cunt and has already shown his true colours.


They did not stay because of Trump. And it’s 800 jobs, by the way, not 2000, like you falsely claim. They stay, because they get a subsidy (more enlightened folk call this a straight up bribe) for staying. In other words Trump plans to gift this company taxpayer money. What a feat. How long will they stay? Remains to be seen. We’ve had a similar situation in Germany, where Nokia was initially lured to open a plant in Bochum with a massive “incentive” in a deal over several years. When that deal had expired and the state government did not award them another deal (meaning: gift the company more taxpayer money), they moved to Romania, cutting the jobs in Bochum. Seems the exact same thing will happen over yonder.
Also, if you favour these kind of things, please forever refrain from lauding “small government” or the “free market”, like so many of your political ilk seem to do. Because this is the opposite of both.

Haha, you got that from Breitbart again? :joy:

Apart from his appaling and undignified behaviour (a president getting into a twitter feud? Really?), a look at his choices for his cabinet implies that he deserves an extremely close monitoring by the press and everyone, who wants to live in a half decent country. Certainly not “a chance”.

Secretary of the Treasury: A Goldman-Sachs trained profiteer of the financial crisis, who wants to dismantle the already insufficient banking regulation Obama put in place
Secretary of Defense: A nutjob of the highest order, who has publicly stated that he enjoys murdering people and who is in favour of war against Iran and a strong confrontational course with Russia.
Secretary of Labor: A major donor to the Trump capaign who is virtually against any form of worker protection, be it minimum wage, health care, paid sick leave.

I could go on, but I’m sure everyone already knows this new cabinet. Racists, open mysogynists (the coming president being one himself), open homophobes, creationists and, of course, climate change deniers. It is the most detestable collection of scumbags ever assembled in American history, and that is saying a lot.
If this caricature of a man ever deserved a chance, his choices for top jobs make it clear he is outright dangerous and should be as closely monitored as possible and opposed at every instance.

Can you now please fuck off again? This is a much better place without you


Where can i go to better understand why we do/dont like trump?

Any tldr sort of explanations?


Good idea to cause a rise of unemployment in Mexico because you stop Toyota from investing here. A lot of mexicans are gonna come to the U.S.A. now.


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His first words as president: “Buy american, employ american”.

Unless he is a dictator, he can’t say something like this.


Now watch him become the best president in US history!


I think he can tbh. His job is to prioritise his country and his people.


Of course, but you have to employ the best, something it is not based on your nationality.


Not necessarily. An obligation of his to Americans should be to prioritise opportunities for them.

If he was a typical employer i would otherwise agree, but he isnt.


Why does he have to be a dictator to say this? There have been many protectionist elected heads of state throughout history. Political totalitarianism does not automatically go hand in hand with a restrictive economic agenda.


Well he is in the chair now so sit back and watch . Getting elected is one job its all talk .
Running a country is all about actions . Obama was pretty much a lame duck president whos only legacy will be the ruination of libya syria and the extermination if kurds in Iraq