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Old but fucking hilarious


Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level following Donald Trump victory

He’s not even in office yet and already done some good.

Ps,wasn’t sold on Mike Pence as his VP pick, but Pence is kicking out the lobbyists :muscle::thumbsup:


No it hasn’t. It’s a fake new. DEFCON is managed by the President and the Secretary of Defense. Trump currently has not power over it and won’t until his inauguration.



Israel is a-ok. Jews, not so much.
I wish I could say I am surprised at Israeli officials proclaiming a Keith Ellison DNC chair victory as a win for Hamas, all the while defending guys like Bannon for their anti-Semitism.

Truly a repugnant state.

Here is some news to back up what is said above:


I don’t see how it can be fake (it’s possible they’ve got their details wrong) when the level had been at 3 for a number of weeks. not saying your wrong, but if it’s been lowered to 5 (not saying Trump is all powerful, or anything like that) since Trump’s victory, that has to be a good thing…right?

Also, keep in mind that the doomsday clock was at 3 minutes to midnight until recently (not sure if it’s still set at that) due to Obama and Hillary’s constant finger pointing at Russia. to say nothing of the encirclement and broken agreements by the US and NATO.

Plus, you might want to look up Russia’s MASSIVE nuclear drills which involved millions of Russian civilians because they believed they were that close to nuclear war. not trying to fear-monger, just talking :slight_smile:

Here it is…


Didn’t take long lol


a) It was never raised to 3
b) It’s the fucking Express

And I don’t give a shit about russian propaganda even more when it include a minister saying “Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.”. Plus the exercise are done yearly since 2012.


Lol! Not surprised he posted a fake news again.


Fair enough. i stand corrected :slight_smile:


The Donald has confirmed he’ll revoke the Trans-Pacific Partnership from day one.





Farage needs a job he gets on with Trump why not ? :imp:


So good news first, bad news second.


Nigel Farage is an odious cunt of the highest order, why can’t he just fuck off?


He makes me laugh to be honest ,as long as u dont take it seriously !


Good job.


That’s what a fake news causes.



Didn’t Hitler win that award as well?


Hitler won it the year before unleashing hell upon Europe. Also, Stalin won it twice (1939 & 1942.)


Yeah, Time have a habit of awarding this to awful dictators.