Trump Watch


Yeah regardless of which party or which candidate gets elected, the American dog just can’t seem to shake of the overwhelming influence of its’ Israeli tail. I think that will prove disappointing to a certain white supremacist, conspiracy spinning section of his support.


Do people realise that the funding for many of Britains far right white racist groups like EDL are funded by Jewish groups !


Me too. Full support of all military actions, continued financial aid and complete antagonism of Palestianians, Libanon and especially Iran.


The republican party, Donald Trump, and in fact a majority of the USA will continue to strongly support Israel for sure.

But some of his advisors, for example Steve Bannon, seem to be quite anti-semitic. I just wonder how much this element of his supporters will influence him.


Can you back this claim up please? Because I’m interested but also because such a claim requires evidence.


Not sure if I can give you much hard evidence Jakey but when the EDL first came about it was almost exclusively football hooligans and was basically an anti Islam group .
I knew some of these idiots and was told that they got some funding from Jewish groups. Early demo’s often had Israeli flags flying too from what I was told . I dont know much more than that to be honest .


It’s a bit weird to appoint both a gay and a far-right extremist at the same time.


Not at all Hitler was rumoured to be Gay and so was Ernst Rohm at one time his closest and most loyal ally !
Maybe it was the Hugo Boss uniforms that attracted them ?


Diversity is good right?


Russia isnt Benign Jakey but again the West has surrounded Russia with weapons stations and interfered heavily in the Ukraine too . As usual though when it went tits up they just left the people of the Ukraine not to mention the Crimea in the lurch !
No one wins when the west interferes


Baseless anti semitism? Must be a labour supporter then


And where have I been anti semetic you pathetic clown !


It is not a huge leap to think that strong vocal support might also entail material support - from Wikipedia:

American talk radio host Michael Savage became the first popular media figure to publicly announce support for the EDL, stating, “How does England take the Islamofascists spitting on their war dead, without letting the English Defence League wade into them with pipes and beer bottles, I’ll never understand”.

In October 2010, American Tea Party activist Rabbi Nachum Shifren, travelled to England to speak at a rally. In his speech, he called Muslims “dogs” and told the EDL that “history will be recorded that on this day, read by our children for eternity, one group lit the spark to liberate us from the oppressors of our two governments and the leftist, fifth column, quisling press, and that it was the EDL which started the liberation of England from evil.”

The Canadian Jewish Defense League has held a demonstration in support of the EDL, saying that the two groups will “take a stand against the forces of political Islam”. The Canadian Jewish Congress has opposed the alliance.

Hard to prove there’s financial support, but not unimaginable. Certainly not to the extent that the mere suggestion warrants cries of antisemitism.


Overall yes, but i have always thought you have to share common values first.


Baseless generalisations? Must be an idiot then


i don’t understand why when people criticize isreal they are accused of anti-smitism?


Wasn’t it something that 71% of the US Jewish community voted for Clinton?
Don’t really think Trump has managed to appeal greatly to them, despite the odd typical alt-right voice in support of him.



Well, you tend to be judged by the company you keep.


Jewish Groups in the UK have a long history of infiltrating right wing organisations in order to determine if they were anti semetic ,its a sensible and pro active thing to do not to mention quite clever. They were all over the right wing NF and BNP in the 70’s and 80’s many of whose followers were quite rabid neo Nazis.
You dont wait for the can of spam to come through the synagogue window you get out there and get amongst it.
Theres also the my enemys enemy is my friend approach which Im sure isnt lost on Jewish defence organisations .