Trump Watch


well yeah, but at least he’s a reasonable person unlike the Agent Orange.


I suggest reading up more on Pence, he’s to the right of Trump.


Its gonna get unimaginably bad, I’m pretty certain the world we live in is gonna be very different over the next few years


Actually Hillary did outvote Trump… :wink:.


Nope, not checked them. Just copied and pasted from Twitter :slight_smile: Rigorous, I know.

I suppose its talking about terrorism in the U.S by citizens of elsewhere.


I’d still doubt the zeros but at least that might make some more sense. :slight_smile:


Supposedly most of the 911 attackers came from Saudi Arabia, which is not on the list. Not sure about Iraqis but I reckon it is only American soldiers killed by Iraqis, not citizens.


Yea I know all that but I was really just making the point that graphs like that are almost certainly bullshit and not compiled through any sort of actual research. I also said I understand the point it’s trying to make, put people see it and take it as fact.

And hey, soldiers are citizens too. :grin:


It is always good to be skeptical and certainly they don’t always explain these things well enough to truly know what they are saying… I think the other factor to consider is citizens ON OUR SOIL, which is what immigration bans are theoretically supposed to address. Anyway, the whole ban is an absolute joke for many reasons and frankly just another tragic mini-chapter in DT’s presidency.


Does everyone know this executive action is only possible because of legislation Obama passed a couple months ago? Sometimes I think people just pay more attention and have greater outrage because it’s Trump tbh.


A4treble, at best that is incredibly misleading and at worst totally wrong. At a minimum you should elaborate or link something that helps put that in context. But I think at the core you perhaps aren’t clear on how Executive Action works.


Are you sure you know how it works? Lol everyone swears like Trump is creating new laws or something of the sort. He can’t do all this stuff without having the legislation already passed. It’s actually the same with the wall thing. And what is your interpretation of the executive action?


It is specifically there so that the Executive Branch can act without legislation. He can’t do everything b/c it has to be constitutional (ultimately decided by courts) and when he needs actual funding, ultimately it comes down to Congress. But this Executive Order has nothing to do with something that Obama may have signed previously (which would have also had to go through Congress).

Most of his executive orders to date have been hand-waving BS, but this had actual real consequences on people day 1 and created a huge amount of confusion, not to mention whacking the hornets nest (what better way to help ISIS recruit) and not even addressing the main countries of concern (like Saudi Arabia).

The reason it is getting a lot of press and action is because it was incredibly stupid, reckless, and damaging.


I was at the demonstration tonight on Whitehall. Great vibes all round and no trouble to speak of. Would be interested to know how many were there because it felt absolutely rammed

Trump’s state invite will obviously go ahead, so with that being the case I’m really looking forward to the protest that will accompany it as there’ll be more time to plan it it’ll be far better attended.


On whether his muslim ban would cause anger.

He’s a better Joker that Jared Leto.


You’re pretty set if you’re not associated with Islam though.


I think its a waste of a Demo frankly Jakey drop in the ocean . I feel more upset over the envoirement tpipeline order than wether afew hundred people have a problem at immigratio n. Its going to be overturned anyway but makes his supporters happy hes rooting for the USA.


Exactly. No one in the current GOP is likeable. Maybe only McCain and Romney.


He’ll come Scotland eventually.

The protests here will be crazy. I want to egg tbe fucker so hard.


I just find it hypocritical that Trump temporarily bans people from those 7 countries that the Obama administration identified as threats, but not a peep was mentioned about the US aiding war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen one of those very countries. Because Trump I guess. Or that the US has actually killed civilians in that country themselves…crickets. However ban them temporarily from traveling here and let’s round up them activists and get a big rally going :expressionless: or that the US has sold them over a billion dollars worth of weapons…still no outcry. Especially sickening because all of the main politicians speaking out were no where to be found when Obama was bombing 5 of those countries.

The muslim thing is just so convenient as well. Sure 90% of Muslim people around the world can still travel here with no restrictions, yet it’s made into a religious thing, just massively over blown imho.

On executive orders.

On Obama’s visa exemption program which laid the groundwork for Trump.