Trump Watch


Surely everyone knows it’s the illuminati symbol for the all seeing eye!?! :joy:


To me it signifies ‘Cunt with small hands’.





I hope some “good” immigrants decide to leave, like scientists, doctors and software engineers.

This is probably a publicity stunt to show he “means business” as I’ve no idea what he’s aiming to actually fix in 90 days but it certainly sends the message that life might start becoming a bit shit for you if you’re foreign, or at least if you look like you could be a muslim.


Assassinated on the 4th of july.


Mass protests going on in Airports across the US, in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles etc.

Lawyers also coming in like the ACLU and fighting to get this ban overturned.

Mad things are happening.

And can I say Theresa May is a pussy in every sense of the word.


He is just one big facepalm.



Tried to show those as Hashtags and failed… hehe anyway, you get the point.


This was one of the premises of “Atlas Shrugged” in effect - John Galt and some of the most intelligent/productive people formed basically their own sub-State and left…


This “book” is part of the reason the US is what it is. And the rich don’t need to leave - they have forged their own sub-State over the years, which caters exactly to their needs and disregards those of anybody else.


People who claim that do not understand the context of Atlas Shrugged or Ayn Rand at all and way overstepped its meaning into deep policy rather than an extreme philosophical framework for discussion born out of an outrageously corrupt and oppressive communist regime.

It isn’t the reason. People who don’t understand economics is the reason we have this yo-yo between laissez faire (Invisible hand) and more nuanced understanding of “capitalism” in its real/actual form in society.

Anyway, debate for a whole different time/site. My point was that people basically threw up their hands in that book and said “f*ck this - these people are idiots, don’t believe in science or evidence and act on emotion and are killing us all, so we will go form another society.”



She totally is isn’t she? How embarrassing. And people were drawing comparisons between her and Thatcher :laughing:


Please do not presume to tell me what I do and do not understand, when you obviously can’t even read.


This act is sickening and against the US Constitution. He is gonna rip us apart.


You said it is the reason for a lot and left it at that… it really isn’t. That is tantamount to blaming the Bible on the Crusades… it is people being stupid and ignorant, not some book written by one or more people.


Heh. Took me by surprise.


For the benefit of those of us in the UK, here’s the link to the petition to prevent Trump’s state visit:

This is the post I wrote on Facebook about it:

I know I’m exactly the person you’d expect to see sharing this, but this is not about politics in the sense that you or I would generally discuss it.

This about a dangerous and divisive man who is setting the world on a path to disaster. A man who draws no distinction between OUR citizens and those who murder the innocent. A man whose grip on reality is tenuous and whose presidency is the greatest crisis of all of our lives.

Whatever your politics are, this man is something else, something that threatens us all and our government urgently need to be dissuaded from the course of cosying up to him that they seem to have chosen.

Yes, we have our own momentous challenge to face and it would be nice if a trade deal with our friends in the United States could mitigate the economic turbulence we are about to go through, but this is not the man to save us, this is the man that will bury us along with his own people.

The mistake Chamberlain made with Hitler was believing he was a man who could be reasoned with. That mistake was made partly out of fear of what the consequences would be if Hitler turned out to believe what he said. That same frightening choice is in front of us now.

It might make no difference. It will PROBABLY make no difference. But take the chance to say no. No to appeasing this man, and no to what he stands for and no to him standing on our soil and bringing hate and intolerance here.[/quote]


I said it is PART of the reason and I didn’t even specify to which extent. Big difference. Obviously one book by one author is not enough to fully shape an entire country, not even Mein Kampf or the Manifesto did that. However, it did provide a significant part of America’s ruling class with a pseudo-intellectual justification for exploiting the lower and middle classes, which has worked splendidly. Today, they have amassed more wealth, priviledge and political influence than ever before, but still proclaim themselves victims of the welfare state (and even managed to convince the population to vote against their own interest on this). So who are these intellectuals/productives (very Randian assessment by the way, don’t think a rich heir is more “productive” then a nurse, for example) willing to leave the US? They are in power under Trump, they are in power under Obama. Trump is one of them.

I’d go as far as to say that intellectuals @Craigie mentioned, who’d actually be willing to leave the US now because of the political climate, are not at all influenced by Atlas Shrugged. Quite to the contrary.


Fair clarification, but still think you are reaching on its impact (although I guess it is question of degrees). Trump is 100x more influenced by Bannan, a professed Leninist than Ayn Rand, for example. And our roots in “rich justification” go way, way back to Judeo-Christian BS, including the whole Calvinist “predestination” BS.

And to the extent that rich use it as part of justification (which i have literally never had a conversation with anyone here who did - they use a million other reasons/rationale), it is a misunderstanding of her and selective use of a part of her whole framework. She had some really good points buried amongst some very extreme (to the point of being bad) points.

Anyway, Trump is a moron and a very dangerous person.