Trump Watch


Here we go. Good luck to the poor. They will need it.


Fucking hell who shit on your cornflakes this morning. Every thread man.


We don’t need any right wing martyrs thanks


On reflection might have been a bit much :grin:

The whole thing is still a massive joke though


Watching him getting impeached for something he has done would be better.
I would like to see him squirm but I don’t think that is possible.
He is a psychopath, so squirming and having any semblance of wrong doing isn’t in his personality.
The more I watch him, the quicker I have to turn to another programme.


As long as he doesn’t declare nuclear war I imagine people will stop giving a shit pretty soon. Leaders don’t radically change countries unless that country is in ruin, they mostly just steer it slightly in a certain direction. Maybe the difference between a Trump administration and a Sanders one could have been big but is the world going to be a hugely different place because Clinton didn’t become president?

Trump will learn that you have to watch what you say and you can’t do what you want. He was the candidate that talked shit and was ridiculed but he’s not going to be the president that does the same. He’ll say the right things to the right people at the right time, he’ll read out speeches written by people smarter than him saying what people want to hear. I’m pretty sure he’s basically going to become one of them and then we’ll see an end to this “vote for this guy because he’s not a politician” because he’s playing their game now at the top table and he’s playing for real.


The problem is that he has surrounded himself with all his mates, and put them in the highest positions in government.
They are all billionaires who have no interest in the population and are only interested in making more money.
How so many people from working class backgrounds believe him, when he says, “I’m against the establishment,” is unbelievable.
He is the establishment.


It won’t be Trump who does that but the entire republic party.
Since they have the president & the congress, I assume they will undo everything Obama did; so atleast for Americans it’s going to be drastic few months.


Tbh thats a really good speech.


Why do you think that Trion? I personally think it was pretty bad. Nothing particularly positive about it, just protectionist and nationalist rubbish for the most part.


You may disagree with the ideologes n policies espoused but as a piece of rhetoric its quite good, and well delivered too. I doubt its written by him as claimed, I think he probably just added some of his own words here and there like a middle school homework assignment.


He usually spouts his ideas in bits & pieces mixed with distracting comments.
Here he said all the right things Americans wanted to here & said it coherently.

The flow was perfect. I especially liked how he thanked Obama, yet in few sentence smoothly began ripping him & Democrats apart & said what he will do.

I know it’s all bullshit but as a speech, pretty well done.


I found the speech annoying.
It’s like, you’re either with us, or against us, speech.
Similar to what Thatcher used to do, and it’s annoying because I hated her and I was certainly against her but she made it sound as if you didn’t follow what she said, you were against the country.

It’s a pathetic ploy by a pathetic politician and is just using patriotism as a weapon.

I remember two quotes about patriotism that are so true, “Patriotism is the last recourse of the scoundrel,” and I think it was George Bernard Shaw who said, “Patriotism is someone who believes they live in the greatest country, just because they were born there.”


Anyone else notice the strange hand motion he constantly makes when giving speeches? Sort of like an ‘OK’ gesture but more precise and repetitive?


He makes devil horns or the “ok” symbol that supposedly represents the all seeing eye constantly


This? :ok_hand:

Not aware of this gesture?


Yes, he does it all the time, watch him you will spot it now, its the open palm side of the hand he shows, and the thumb and forefinger is more pointed than a circle


Plenty of it here…


Don’t know about you guys, but here in India it signifies ‘Nice’ or ‘Good Work’


alternative facts!