Theo Walcott


Don’t think their is a player in our squad that has a better record at scoring in big matches against the top 5/6 (or big CL games) than Theo, correct me if I’m wrong


But what we are talking about is total contribution relative to other options for the purpose of predictive value. iwobi doesn’t offer the same statistical productivity but most, including aw prefer him. At the end of the day, what we are really trying to do is maximize WAR (if we had the football equivalent) not isolated rare event attacking stats.


If you were a football manager and were offered the chance to have a player hat will score or assist for you every 120 minutes of football for their entire career at your club you telling me you wouldn’t take him?


I would take 11 and throw them on the pitch every week… seriously though, you have to factor in more than that, just like our stubborn manager has done, preferring an unproven 20 year old to him.


Again, that is wrong. Walcott could score a hattrick against Videoton then not score for 8 games.


I prefer iwobi to him too but I also recognise what Theo offers to the squad and absolutely want to keep hold of him if he’s willing to not be a 100% bang on starter in every single game which he seems to be, not a particularly outragous stance IMO


So who in our squad has a better record of scorin against the top 4 and in the CL knock out stages than Theo please tell me?

@Gunnerpr was it not you that mentioned this a few pages back? I’m correct in thinking Theo scored more regularly against our supposed rivals than anyone else in the squad arnt I?


This may be right, but I haven’t gone there bc it is even more confounding from a data analysis perspective… fair to look into it, but rife with problems.


Yeah there is legit argument to keep him as squad option. I prefer to get rid bc of wages plus mentality, but plenty disagree with me about his mentality.


He’s also home grown and has a track record of scoring in important games when the pressure is on, so many good reasons not to ditch him


People must have been really depressed around here when we sold Gervinho.


Fckn hate this thread :joy:


I’m truly staggered how much traction this thread has gained over the past week. A quarter of the overall posts in a week. You’d be mistaken for thinking something significant has happened to Theo :laughing:


It has. We’ve all had our eyes opened to how truly World Class Mr Theo James Walcott really is!


Well since Brady Magic is gone someone needs to continue to carry the torch of coming up with dumb arguments to convince themselves that mediocre English players are a lot better than they truly are.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:1140, topic:89”]
It has. We’ve all had our eyes opened to how truly World Class Mr Theo James Walcott really is!
[/quote]I’m glad our American experts like @Arsenal4thetreble has been on hand to set us Brits straight, and explain to us the real meaning of a good soccerball player like young Theodore is :gunnersaurus:


…is shit


As a big fan of the genre, I can tell you that you are absolutely nailing it :clap:t5:



What a douche.