Theo Walcott


I hope you don’t think that means relying on the model is intelligent by definition… or perhaps you don’t understand what black sheep are or outliers or how to interpret correlation and models that are built to fit observation…

To be fair, some of the things I am talking about require deep observation, which casual fans can’t really do… some services that collect the stats are doing just this essentially - trying to make judgement calls about lots of specific things - I assume this will get better, especially as it relates to “non-involvement” or “indirect involvement” (e.g., how do I position/move, how do I make myself available for pass, what runs I make, how do I affect the opponents’ functioning, etc.).

I would expect top players, especially attacking players to represent well since they are probably fitting to those obvious data points. It gets harder with players who aren’t as clearly and frequently involved in attacking stats… the issue of “rare stats” is really the main challenge in footballing statistical analysis. It will be interesting to see how it evolves with the explosion of data in the coming years.


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@ljungbergkamp ok ok we get it you are a sports statistics guru or some shit. However for me, I like a forward player who produces goals and assists. Maybe you don’t, but it’s just a personal preference I have.



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A goal or an assist every 120 minutes of football spanning over a 10 year period


As you can see from last season the facts show that Theo’s output on the pitch rank just above Coutinho who’s about to go to Barca for 100m and just below Salah who everyone is wanking themselves silly over. But Theo is shit and our standards at Arsenal are so much higher than that, we are so tired of mediocrity.


The problem with Walcott is that he is an attacking player but is neither a winger, nor a forward, let alone a creative oulet. Effectively he doesn’t have a position on the pitch where you can play him and be happy with his contribution which is not only measured by goals or assists. To support this idea I will simply present goals to appearances for Arsenal ratio comparison between Theo Walcott and Nikolas Bendtner, which are respectively 0.24 and 0.22. Both attacking players, both equally shit or equally good, you be the judge.


Mbappe is also better than Messi at the ripe age of 18 wowsers.


more prolific*. Am I doing it right?


Yeah it is confusing why Barca are interested in coutinho for 100 and are only willing to pay 120 for Walcott… oh wait…

Statistics should be required education like math is…


Stats only paint the picture you want them to paint. They are a good barometer, but never the be and end all.


No one is saying it’s the be all and end all, not from the side of people defending him anyway, what they are saying is that it is a good beromiter…

The people criticising him are the ones saying they are completely irrelevant and shouldn’t even be considered because the stats don’t support their position the Theo is absolutely useless and should be shipped out immediately


No, that isn’t what we are saying. We are saying that stats are not great (in football) at best and highly misleading at worst. and stats like goals or assists or their derivatives are problematic in measuring total contribution for so many reasons discussed.


He’s not completely useless, but yes he should be shipped out because he just isn’t good enough for what a club like Arsenal should be trying to achieve. I don’t want to support a club who think mediocrity is OK.


They might not be the total contribution but goals and assists are the most important controbution in football

If you offered me a player that will score a goal or assist every game and a half of football for their intire career but not offer much more I would happily take them in my squad, wouldn’t you?


‘‘They wanted it more than us’’

Id rather judge him on that weak mentality of his.

Guy is the epitome of doing the bare minimum of turning up to training, staying in top shape and getting a few goals a season to stay at this club. He is still a bang average footballer to what we are used to. I only remember one or two good seasons from him when he and RvP had a thing going.

Would love to know how important his ‘‘goal every 120mins’’ are and how many match winners he has scored. Also against big teams too.




Find out how important his goals were then come back to us. Till then you’ve lost.