Theo Walcott


He’s definitely intelligent, only have to look at the likes of Townsend & Oxlade who are unable to get anything out of similar or better physical talents.


They both don’t have his pace to outrun defenders.

We can go back and forward on Walcott in this thread, but if we want to improve, both aesthetically and the level of play, Walcott needs to be 4th choice winger. I really have no illusions of him leaving.


Fuck I wake up with 59 post additions to the Theo thread, thanks people for giving me hope some kind of transfer was imminent.


One day people are going to learn that a high number of posts in a player’s thread doesn’t mean there is any news :grin:


Yeah I was kind of being sarcastic, I knew with the time zones it was going to predominately going to be @Arsenal4thetreble getting his back up in defence of his Love Child. I will also add in I doubt those statistics on Pires assists are actually correct as in the early 2000s I don’t think they were as stringent with statistics such as that.


The guy has been more productive for us and more prolific than Ribert Pires for fucks sake.

Am sorry to have misinterpreted the above line to mean you thought Theo was better than Bobby. Clearly, you didn’t imply anything of that sort.


A really really fast donkey maybe.[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:929, topic:89”]
As has been explained already, they don’t play in the same position. Playing out on the left of a flat midfield four in a 4-4-2 isn’t the same as playing wide right in the formations we’ve been using for almost all of Walcott’s career here. Walcott is 100% a forward, Pires was categorically not a forward.

Even if I accept your premise (which I don’t because we’ve been playing with one striker up top for several years now and it’s rarely been Theo) it only makes Theo’s statistics look even better in comparison. He doubled Pires’ assist statistics playing predominantly as a forward? I read a post today from @Midfield_Maestro that I can’t seem to find anymore (deleted?) basically saying the same and that Pires was such a creative player and Theo has absolutely no link up abilities with his teammates…just inventing sticks to bash Theo with is all it is really.


Can we stop comparing a legend to a normal player? Walcott can have better stats than Pires, but he isn’t at his level.


Andy cole was more productive and prolific than Eric cantona

Jermaine defore was more prolific and productive than teddy Sheringham

Ian wright was more productive and prolific than Dennis bergkamp

So you see how it works? Just because it’s a fact 1 player produced more end product than the other dosent nesisarilly mean he is better than the other and pointing it out dosent mean you think that 1 player is better than the other


Can’t believe we have had hundreds of posts on this thread debating Walcott and Pires, if opposing fans came on here and read it they would be in raptures.


Who gives a fuck?


Oliver giroud was the most prolific striker in the premier league last season and that’s in undebateable fact, 1 point for anyone that can tell me why?


This thread is prolific.


undebatable fact ? I would have thought it was Harry Kane with a goal per 94 minutes.


What’s your definition of prolific?


If that’s the case then it’s undebateable that Harry kane is as I was basing what I said on giroud having the best goals to minutes ratio


Theo Walcott


How dare you! Their have been much better, funnyier, classicer and legendaryer threads tham this in the history of the forum you troll


Yeah but they have been better positioned, in a better, much suited sub-forum, hence giving them much more exposition and chance of success, you see. Which is why the fact that the TW14 thread is as prolific is as it is, is nothing short of a minor miracle.


Unless he is being sold or being abused for being shit, there shouldn’t be high amount of replies in this thread.
As if I am not depressed enough, I have to know that Theo Walcott is still stealing a living to make me feel worse.