The Randomly Nothing thread


numbed the pain with all the sangria huh :cech:


Why not? :poldi:


Oh fuck the national lottery have messed up here BIGGGGG :open_mouth:

Few sackings tomorrow!


I regretably laughed at one of these and I’m ashamed. The kind of ‘cover your mouth with your hand’ laugh.



So they just put these up without looking at what they said? Seems fake to me.


Aye, seems it. But it’s not. Monumental (uncut) cock-up by someone, especially given the Walkers crisp fiasco not that long ago.


Why do companies think this is ever a great marketing tool!? There plenty of examples of miss usage


So they just submitted these names and nobody even looks at this video before it’s released? Lol wow yeah that’s a firing offense.


Scenes! ITV have asked Carra if he wants to go on I’m a Celebrity later this year lol



My new Tv! It got Internet and Netflix included :giroud3: :ozil2:


And now a picture of the other 4 screens please.


You are such a sneaky user :bellerin:. Believe me, it’s the only TV i got! I just follow football on 1 TV and when i am on my PC i use to open many tabs so i can follow more games at the same time :wink:


Surprised to see you’re watching football tbh.


I’m surprised someone still has a VCR.


He probably has a room in his house full of matches recorded off the TV


How else could you watch Parma vs Aston Villa in the 1989 UEFA cup quarter final?


No :wink:


Was the worst part anyway. Not sure its a scandal though :smile:


then its not a walnut whip anymore lol, considering the walnut on top is the only thing that makes it a ‘walnut whip’ so i guess the new version will be called ‘whip’ :arteta:


Well, yea, there’s pictures of the new packaging in the article.