The Randomly Nothing thread


I will take that!! What’s @JakeyBoy in all of this?


Eboue, great bants but questionable end product.


Fuck right off.

Edit: didnt see the edit. :smile: Hows about Paddy? (as in vieira)


I feel like that would be a bit self-aggrandising lol


I don’t know what that means. brb.


@JakeyBoy nah man. I said from the day you were made a mod it was a class decision and that you were a good leader. Plus you’re punchy.


Freudian slip :eyes:


Dang, glad you’re ok, Italian chum. :slight_smile:

Write off?




I see you more as Tony Adams tbf; pedantic, a bit tetchy, and try as you might to hide them, just can’t get over your anti South-American phobias.







Does the guy at the beginning of this advertisement look familiar to anyone else? :grinning:


ahahahaha he fucking looks the absolute double of @Luca_from_Italy :joy:


PES can have Mike Dean celebrating with his beloved Spurs when they play us now. :giroud3:


^^^lmao that’s awesome!!


Not sure if anyone is watching the Athletics but we just won the 4 x 100m in the the third fastest time ever! USA were nailed on for this. And Jamaica were supposed to beat us too - Bolt’s last ever race, he collapsed! Bloody amazing.


@Luca_from_Italy how are you now after that crash a few weeks ago?


Fine, thanks mate!