The Randomly Nothing thread


I’m quite fond of him, I like spiders.

No lie he is a hideously ugly freak though.


I felt hurt watching that scene. Like genuinely. For a f*cking movie scene.


Is it actually a spider?

You ever open that window and you’re going to die man.


What’s the movie?


The Mist from 2008 I think.


Ending to Darabont’s the Mist, if you haven’t seen it I’d avoid Cristo’s post as it pretty much sums it up but with Jakeyboy in the place of Tom Jane.


It definitely is a spider.

Seen it fuck up some wasps good and proper. How can I not love the (not so) little fucker after that?


Looks more like a crab than a fucking spider. Is the picture disproportionate or something cos he looks about the size of a fucking football and I didn’t think the UK got football sized spiders. Unless your on hols, in which case tell us where so we can all fucking avoid.


Obviously an act of dominance. Daring you to be a man and leave the window open some arid night before you go to bed.


There’s a massive spider in my gym above the only place you can do seated shoulder presses with a barbell ffs, I’ll get a photo of it in the morning if I remember.

Haven’t had a spider in my room for a while, I covered the outside window ledge and the frame around the window in insect powder :sunglasses:. I tried a mosquito net lol but too many flies and other shit got stuck in it, I don’t fuck around when it comes to spiders :joy:


I always have the window open at night, it seems to have no being indoors. Thankfully, because as much as I like spiders I don’t need that big ugly bastard indoors.

@shamrockgooner it’s a close up picture so maybe looks out of proportion, but it is sizeable, easily bigger than the top part of my thumb, so quite big for this part of the world.


Spiders are fucking awesome. Till they start having a million babies and shit.


@Aussiegooner sort this lot out will you :roll_eyes:




Hate spiders, they are my biggest fear! A total contrast from now and my younger years in primary school when I used to collect loads of little garden spiders and put them in my pockets or school tray in lesson. I’d seriously question anyone’s sanity if I saw them doing that now haha.


LOL these ratings


Steven Wright as the “meh” character is perfect casting :slight_smile:


Fucking hell Patrick Stewart is really slumming it.


Lmao It’s patrick Stewart’s head shot and then directly below him…“poop” :arteta:


Gonna reserve judgement for now, but the once great captain needs to sort his shit out if this isn’t good.