The Randomly Nothing thread


12 Months of Half-Price BT Sport Including Activation Fee and Three Months of HD

If anyone is interested.

Just done it. Absolute bargain! I can now watch our road to Lyon in HD on my tv :sunglasses:


New customers only as usual :xhaka:

Mind you, I usually have one day a year when I’ll ring up all my suppliers and complain about the expense. Sky in particular always give me some kind of discount :sunglasses:


I just heard Michael Owen on a radio advert that went basically like this:

What the fuck :expressionless:


Does brain injury from listening to Michael Owen count I wonder…


Watch this :joy::joy::joy: Guys insane “YOU ARE UNDER A CITIZENS ARREST” :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Awesome restraint from the other bloke.


I was waiting for captain pinky to be well and truly knocked out.


“You are under a citizen’s arrest get ready to die” :joy: :joy:


Wow, I know Stoke’s one of the worst places in England to live, and maybe you’ve just had to sell Arnautovic, but there’s no need to act like that


That guy seems like a Basil Fawlty remake :joy:


‘what was that guy smoking’ springs to mind


Fuck living in a country with these.


That spider would probably be big enough to hunt cats as prey ffs. I would freak the fuck out if i had one of those bastards come anywhere near my field of vision, fucking hate spiders.


I don’t mind the ones big enough to properly punch.

It’s the little ones that lay eggs in your ears that i would sooner avoid.


This fella lives outside my bedroom window


is it a crab?


What the actual fuck is that shit.

Are you sure some Stephen King’s the Mist kinda shit isn’t going on round where you live?


This thread gave me a timely reminder of why I fucking hate spiders. I kill without remorse when I see one haha.


RIP Jakey shooting his whole family to spare them the pain of getting eaten by monsters only for the military to roll in and tell you the monsters are gone.


Powerful morbid ending is powerfully morbid.